Other financial service activities, except insurance and pension funding activities,
Activity Number: 6499

This class includes:

  • Other financial service activities primarily concerned with distributing funds other than by making loans:
    • Factoring activities
    • Writing of swaps, options and other hedging arrangements
    • Activities of viatical settlement companies
  • Own-account investment activities, such as by venture capital companies, investment clubs etc.

This class excludes:

  • Financial leasing, see 6491
  • Security dealing on behalf of others, see 6612
  • Trade, leasing and renting of real estate property, see division 68
  • Bill collection without debt buying up, see 8291
  • Grant-giving activities by membership organizations, see 9499
  • Hospital activities, see 8610
  • Medical and dental practice activities, see 8620
  • Nursing care facilities, see 8710
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