Sale of motor vehicles
Group Number: 451
Available Business Activities:
Sale of motor vehicles
Activity Number: 4510

This class includes:

  • Wholesale and retail sale of new and used vehicles:
    • Passenger motor vehicles, including specialized passenger motor vehicles such as ambulances and minibuses, etc.
    • Lorries, trailers and semi-trailers
    • Camping vehicles such as caravans and motor homes

This class also includes:

  • Wholesale and retail sale of off-road motor vehicles (jeeps, etc.)
  • Wholesale and retail sale by commission agents
  • Car auctions

This class excludes:

  • Wholesale and retail sale of parts and accessories for motor vehicles, see 4530
  • Renting of motor vehicles with driver, see 4922
  • Renting of trucks with driver, see 4923
  • Renting of motor vehicles and trucks without driver, see 7710
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