Other information service activities
Group Number: 639

This group includes the activities of news agencies and all other remaining information service activities. This group excludes: — activities of libraries and archives, see 9101

Available Business Activities:
News agency activities
Activity Number: 6391

This class includes:

  • News syndicate and news agency activities furnishing news, pictures and features to
    the media

This class excludes:

  • Activities of independent photojournalists, see 7420
  • Activities of independent journalists, see 9000
Other information service activities n.e.c.
Activity Number: 6399

This class includes other information service activities not elsewhere classified, such as:

  • Telephone based information services
  • Information search services on a contract or fee basis
  • News clipping services, press clipping services, etc.

This class excludes:

  • Activities of call centers, see 8220
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