Group Name : Manufacture of furniture
Group Number : 310
Available Business Activities :
Class Name : Manufacture of furniture
Class Number : 3100
This Class Includes :
3100.01 —manufacture of chairs and seats for offices, workrooms, hotels, restaurants, public and domestic premises
3100.02 —manufacture of chairs and seats for theatres, cinemas and the like
3100.03 —manufacture of sofas, sofa beds and sofa sets
3100.04 —manufacture of garden chairs and seats
3100.05 —manufacture of special furniture for shops: counters, display cases, shelves etc.
3100.06 —manufacture of furniture for churches, schools, restaurants
3100.07 —manufacture of office furniture
3100.08 —manufacture of kitchen furniture
3100.09 —manufacture of furniture for bedrooms, living rooms, gardens etc.
3100.10 —manufacture of cabinets for sewing machines, televisions etc.
3100.11 —manufacture of laboratory benches, stools and other laboratory seating, laboratory furniture (e.g. cabinets and tables)
3100.12 —finishing such as upholstery of chairs and seats
3100.13 —finishing of furniture such as spraying, painting, French polishing and upholstering
3100.14 —manufacture of mattress supports
3100.15 —manufacture of mattresses:
• mattresses fitted with springs or stuffed or internally fitted with a supporting material
• uncovered cellular rubber or plastic mattresses
3100.16 —decorative restaurant carts, such as dessert carts, food wagons
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