Group Name : Manufacture of games and toys
Group Number : 324
Available Business Activities :
Class Name : Manufacture of games and toys
Class Number : 3240
This Class Includes :
3240.01 —manufacture of dolls and doll garments, parts and accessories
3240.02 —manufacture of action figures
3240.03 —manufacture of toy animals
3240.04 —manufacture of toy musical instruments
3240.05 —manufacture of playing cards
3240.06 —manufacture of board games and similar games
3240.07 —manufacture of electronic games: chess etc.
3240.08 —manufacture of reduced-size (“scale”) models and similar recreational models, electrical trains, construction sets etc.
3240.09 —manufacture of coin-operated games, billiards, etc.
3240.10 —manufacture of articles for funfair, table or parlour games
3240.11 —manufacture of wheeled toys designed to be ridden, including plastic bicycles and tricycles
3240.12 —manufacture of puzzles and similar articles
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