Group Name : Wholesale of food and beverages
Group Number : 463
Available Business Activities :
Class Name : Wholesale of food, beverages and tobacco
Class Number : 4630
This Class Includes :
4630.01 —wholesale of fruit and vegetables
4630.02 —wholesale of dairy products
4630.03 —wholesale of eggs and egg products
4630.04 —wholesale of edible oils and fats of animal or vegetable origin
4630.05 —wholesale of meat and meat products
4630.06 —wholesale of fishery products
4630.07 —wholesale of sugar, chocolate and sugar confectionery
4630.08 —wholesale of bakery products
4630.09 —wholesale of beverages
4630.10 —wholesale of coffee, tea, cocoa and spices
4630.11 —wholesale of tobacco products
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