Group Name : Other land transport
Group Number : 492

This group includes all land-based transport activities other than rail transport. However, rail transport as part of urban or suburban transport systems is included here.

Available Business Activities :
Class Name : Freight transport by road
Class Number : 4923
This Class Includes :
4923.01 —all freight transport operations by road:
• logging haulage
• stock haulage
• refrigerated haulage
• heavy haulage
• bulk haulage, including haulage in tanker trucks
• haulage of automobiles
• transport of waste and waste materials, without collection or disposal
4923.02 —furniture removal
4923.03 —renting of trucks with driver
Class Name : Other passenger land transport
Class Number : 4922
This Class Includes :
4922.01 —other passenger road transport:
• scheduled long-distance bus services
• charters, excursions and other occasional coach services
• taxi operation
• airport shuttles
4922.02 —operation of telfers (téléphériques), funiculars, ski and cable lifts if not part of urban or suburban transit systems
4922.03 —other renting of private cars with driver
4922.04 —operation of school buses and buses for transport of employees
Class Name : Urban and suburban passenger land transport
Class Number : 4921
This Class Includes :
4921.01 — land transport of passengers by urban or suburban transport systems. This may include different modes of land transport, such as by motorbus, tramway, streetcar, trolley bus, underground and elevated railways etc. The transport is carried out on scheduled routes normally following a fixed time schedule, entailing the picking up and setting down of passengers at normally fixed stops.
4921.02 — town-to-airport or town-to-station lines
4921.03 — operation of funicular railways, aerial cableways etc. if part of urban or suburban transit systems
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