Service License

Our service license acts as your gateway to the dynamic markets of the UAE and beyond. This licence not only permits the production, reproduction, transformation and distribution of services but also equips you with the legal framework to render these services as your primary business objective. This permit also allows for the utilisation of goods in the provision of your services, providing a holistic approach to business operations.

Service Licence
Service License

Trade License

With Shams' trading license, you can confidently engage in the buying, selling and distribution of goods both within Shams, and for import and export. This comprehensive licence encompasses not only the wholesale and retail sale of goods, but also permits you to offer services directly related to these sales.


Our light-industrial license offers businesses the opportunity to not just keep up the pace, but lead. This licence permits the production, reproduction, transformation, and manufacturing of goods, granting you the freedom to operate across the entire production cycle. Whether you're turning raw materials into products, or enhancing existing goods for re-market, our light-industrial licence provides the legal structure and operational flexibility you need.

Light-Industrial License

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The Benefits of Obtaining a Shams Licence

Explore the Benefits of Acquiring a Business license with Shams.

Operational Flexibility Operational Flexibility

Operational Flexibility

Tailored licence options to fit your specific business activities.
Streamlined Processes Streamlined Processes

Streamlined Processes

Quick and hassle-free licence issuance for faster business setup.
Legal Compliance Legal Compliance

Legal Compliance

Stay compliant with UAE regulations through comprehensive and clearly defined licence terms.
Gateway to Markets Gateway to Markets

Gateway to Markets

Leverage Shams' extensive network for market access both within the UAE and internationally.
Scalability Scalability


Easy licence upgrades to meet your growing business needs.
Company Formation

Company Formation

Sharjah represents a safe and progressive environment for company formation, offering foreign investors benefits. The UAE is well-recognized the world over as a trading hub, boasting a large non-oil sector that contributes to nearly 70% of the GDP – 45% of which is contributed by Sharjah’s trading activities. Join the thousands of entrepreneurs who have successfully completed the business formation process and are now part of this thriving community.

Unlock your business potential with a Shams licence

Embarking on a business journey or scaling up existing operations? There's never been a better time to secure a Shams licence. With tailored options to suit your specific needs—be it in services, trading or light-industrial sectors—Shams provides the operational flexibility and streamlined processes you deserve.
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