Artificial Intelligence in Business

Creating machines that perform tasks for us is one breakthrough, but it pales in comparison to creating intelligent machines that THINK and perform for us. Whichever field you work in, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is probably already a part of it, and it’s making it easier and faster for you to do your job. Even outside work, AI goes home with you. When you ask Siri to look for the best places in town to grab a bite, or ask Alexa to resume reading a book from where you left off yesterday, you’re using AI. This phenomenon has gone way beyond simple tasks. Heard of Dr. Ellie the AI therapist? Dr. Ellie outperforms human therapists in solving core issues of people suffering from depression.

One major factor of AI is Machine Learning (ML), meaning machines are now capable of learning how to act when exposed to new data they’ve not been programmed to deal with in the past. Entrepreneurs are encouraged to deploy AI in their projects as they seek meticulous work that is devoid of any missteps. Proved to be more efficient in terms of performance and cost, it is behind the growth and success of not only corporate giants, but small businesses and startups as well. Marketing companies rely on AI for media buying and audience building. The E-commerce industry is dependent on automated systems to target their potential customers.

Known for being a hub for business and innovation, the UAE has long employed AI for various initiatives. With the highly-developed techniques of voice recognition and face recognition, companies and government institutions depend on technology to do a big part of their job, increasing productivity and consequently revenues.

Sharjah Media City (Shams) plans to go digital by enabling comprehensive electronic license registration so that clients can start their companies from the comfort of their homes. With paperless company setup within Shams, both clients and executives will be able to optimize on their time and effort.

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