Everything you need to know about Shams designated workspaces

Located in the emirate of Sharjah, Sharjah Media City (Shams) is an innovative freezone dedicated to nurturing the growth of the media and creative industries. Shams is known for providing excellent facilities and services to entrepreneurs, freelancers, and businesses looking to establish a presence in the region. In this blog post, we will explore everything you need to know about Shams' designated workspaces, including the incredible offerings of its state-of-the-art business centre.

Allocated Space for Branding

One of the unique features of Shams' designated workspaces is that business owners can have an allocated space that can be branded with their company's signage. This means that business owners can customise their workspaces and make them feel like their own, helping them to create a strong brand image and stand out from the competition.

Issuance of Visas

Shams allows business owners to issue up to 12 visas on their licenses, which makes it easier for companies to bring in international talent to work with them. This can be particularly beneficial for businesses that require specialised skills that may not be readily available in the local talent pool.

Dedicated Access Cards

To ensure that only authorised personnel have access to the workspaces, Shams provides dedicated access cards to business owners and their teams. This helps to enhance the security of the premises and provides peace of mind to business owners who are concerned about the safety of their operations in a co-working space.

Access to Meeting and Conference Rooms

Shams' designated workspaces provide access to meeting and conference rooms that are equipped with state-of-the-art technology. This means that businesses can hold meetings, presentations, and seminars without having to invest in expensive equipment. Additionally, the meeting and conference rooms are available on a pay-as-you-go basis, which means that businesses only pay for what they use.

Dedicated Lockers

Business owners and their teams have access to dedicated lockers where they can store their personal belongings, ensuring that their workspaces remain clutter-free and organised for maximum productivity.

High-Speed Wi-Fi, Printing, and Photocopy Services

Shams' designated workspaces offer high-speed Wi-Fi, printing, and photocopy services to ensure that businesses can stay connected and productive at all times. This means that business owners can focus on their core operations while leaving the administrative tasks to the Shams team.

Dedicated Sound-Isolation Phone Booths

To ensure that business owners can make official phone calls without office noise in the background, Shams' designated workspaces offer dedicated sound-isolation phone booths. This helps to enhance privacy and productivity for businesses that require phone conversations as part of their operations.

Complimentary Access to the Gym

Business owners and their teams using Sham’s workspaces can enjoy 3-month complimentary access to the gym located within the Shams' business centre. This helps to promote a healthy lifestyle and work-life balance among the workforce.

Access to Restaurant and Cafeteria

Shams' designated workspaces provide access to a restaurant and cafeteria where business owners and their teams can enjoy a range of delicious meals and beverages. This helps to enhance the convenience and comfort of the workspaces.

Access to Vending and ATM Machines

With convenient access to vending and ATM machines, business owners and their teams can access snacks, drinks, and cash without having to leave the premises.

In conclusion, Shams' designated workspaces offer a range of state-of-the-art facilities and services that can help businesses to operate more efficiently and productively. With access to meeting and conference rooms, high-speed Wi-Fi, printing and photocopy services, sound-isolation phone booths, and much more, business owners can focus on growing their operations without worrying about additional overhead costs, managing the office, or other administrative tasks. Furthermore, with access to a range of amenities such as a gym, restaurant, and vending machines, business owners and their teams can feel at their best, every single day.

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