How Digitization & Spearheaded Innovative Initiatives Encourage Entrepreneurs Across Dynamic Sector to Choose Shams Free Zone?

Sharjah Media City (Shams) was built with a vision to become a world-class hub for media and creativity in the MENA region. Since its inception in 2017, Shams has worked on several initiatives to encourage young media professionals and aspiring entrepreneurs to develop and enhance their skills and establish their businesses in a creative environment. Let us understand how digitization and other innovative initiatives have encouraged entrepreneurs to choose Shams free zone.

1. Digitalization Initiatives:

• Coping with rapid technological advancements, Shams continually adopts the latest technology and methods to provide services.
• Using digitalization technology, it operates seamlessly across various time zones.
• It has created an environment that is consistently future-driven, welcoming creative engagement using cutting-edge technologies.
• Shams is ahead of the curve with seamless online processes to issue business licenses and online chat support to provide any assistance. Almost all of the work at Shams is paperless. Through digital processes, Shams has ensured ease of access, timely service, and smooth interactions.
• Shams is also building a more advanced and user-friendly portal for entrepreneurs to understand the complete process of licensing and the legalities of starting a business.
• Also, employees are trained frequently on new systems and technologies that have been implemented by Shams Free Zone.
• Shams has its own digital arm - Shams Digital Solutions. It has developed SocialEye, a platform for influencers in the UAE to work with other influencers on one common platform.

2. Adoption of Smart Systems:

• Shams is an evolution from the traditional concept of free zones, providing round-the-clock integrated services through smart systems that streamline business for both individuals and organizations.
• It adopts modern concepts of efficiency, optimized performance, and affordability.

3. Comprehensive Residential and Work Environment:

• Shams provides a comprehensive residential and work environment designed to stimulate minds and inspire innovation among its residents.
• It aims to fulfill this vision by making creative entrepreneurship accessible to all and foster a vibrant and connected ecosystem for innovators to live, learn, collaborate, and co-create.

4. Holistic, Community-Centred Approach:

• Shams free zone strives to build a forward-thinking and holistic community of entrepreneurs to make creative entrepreneurship accessible to all aspiring start-ups, SMEs, and established companies.
• Shams places great value on localized content and actively encourages entrepreneurial talent from within a continuously-thriving community.
• Being home to a creative, forward-thinking community, Shams inspires many entrepreneurs and boasts of many successful ventures.
• It encourages the community to participate in events, training courses, start-up meetings, and demonstrations to show them the best way to market their products.
• Companies registered within Shams also get the opportunity to present themselves at exhibitions and events free of cost.

5. Initiative to Develop and Nurture Young Talent:

• Shams free zone is a dynamic initiative that strives to make a strong connection with the talented individuals it attracts.
• It nurtures a collaborative ecosystem by hosting events, training sessions, and other initiatives that bring like-minded people together.
• It aims to develop and nurture young talented individuals by offering creative workspace.
• It supports upcoming young talents by sponsoring projects for university students and undertaking supporting initiatives that expand the youth sector in the UAE and develop their perceptions and knowledge.

6. Free Workshops and Training Sessions:

• Shams provides free workshops and training sessions to its members and the community on the latest digital trends, digital marketing, intellectual property, etc.
• It continuously hosts free workshops and training sessions for young talent to enrich a wide range of skills, including soft skills.

7. Smart & Innovative Facilities and Services:

• Shams offers smart, unique, and highly-innovative facilities and services to aspiring start-ups and SMEs as well as established companies and corporates from across the world.
• As a world-class free-zone hub for innovation, Shams sets the benchmark in providing modern services and support in a safe and vibrant ecosystem to entrepreneurs who wish to set up and launch their businesses with specialized facilities meant for the creative and media industries.
• Shams also provides facilities to companies and graduates to start their businesses, not necessarily in media.
• It also offers facilities to the training companies that will train the youth to compete in the job market.

8. Flexibility to Combine Different Business Activities:

• Shams acts as a catalyst for creative and media businesses to grow and thrive, providing a lot of opportunities and covering a wide range of business licenses and activities.
• Shams offers more than 120 business activities to choose from. It also provides the flexibility to combine different business activities on the same license.

9. Quick and Hassle-Free Business Setup:

• With a fully digitized license process, Shams has made business setup quick and hassle-free, so that entrepreneurs can focus on their business activities.
• With online application and automated systems, Shams ensures faster response times, happier clients, and less administrative work. Today, an aspiring entrepreneur can get his business license within 4 hours.
• It also offers cost-effective solutions to reduce the cost of entry into the market.

10. Special Incentives for businesses to start operations post-COVID-19 pandemic:

• Shams is consistently working towards easing the burden faced by new and existing entrepreneurs due to the Covid-19 crisis. Some of its initiatives include:

• Waiving penalties and fines for companies unable to pay their renewal fees on time
• Reducing the cost by 50 percent for some of the licenses
• Introducing a Freelancer Licence for media professionals in the market
• Offering various discounts and waivers on existing fees.
• Providing funding support

• Since Shams' services are digitized, they can be availed from the comfort of one's home.
• For certain services that require documents to be submitted physically, Shams has partnered with DHL to offer free document pick-up and drop off services.

Given a plethora of digitalization and innovative initiatives, many entrepreneurs choose Shams over other free zones to set up their businesses. 

If you are looking to set up your business in Shams, then contact Shams free zone authorities today! Call 800 (Shams) 74267 or visit www.shams.ae for more information.


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