How to beat the Facebook algorithm change?

In the wake of the recent changes in the Facebook news feed, many websites are shutting down every day. The management of Facebook decided to show 0% of business pages’ organic content on the Newsfeed and put their content on a separate page. This means that if you are a Business Account, for Facebook users to view your posts, they’d have to go to a different section. This decision was made to enhance a user’s social experience on Facebook by showing more content from friends and family as opposed to businesses. It is not clear whether the change has served the social purpose initially intended of this change or not – but we know for sure that it did determine the fate of a few businesses that largely relied on Facebook to generate traffic to their websites and attract a wider audience.

We are way past discussing the significance of social media – specifically Facebook – for startups and existing businesses. Therefore, we will cut to the chase and talk about how we can rescue our businesses from the repercussions of the latest change in Facebook algorithm.

Here are a few tips that can help save your business page:

1. Facebook Ads are always there for your business:

Fortunately, the recent change includes only the organic content. You can always launch campaigns to increase your reach and gain more followers. Luckily, Facebook ads don’t cost a lot. Even a budget as much as a dollar can help.

2. Post personal content:

By personal, we don’t mean that you should post about your personal events. It is likely that posting content that’s relevant to the community would come across as irrelevant to your industry. Yet, you must try to work around it to rebuild your audience.

3. Avoid click and engagement baits:

FB Engagement

Facebook is taking the content being posted very seriously. It tracks how much time people spend viewing the linked site after clicking on it. If the bounce rate is high, it will rarely show on the news feed.

4. Select the right audience:

When your posts appear to the users who are interested in your content, your organic reach will increase. Therefore, make sure before clicking ‘post’ that you select the audience according to their interests.

5. Post Facebook stories:

Businesses don’t often appreciate the significance of Facebook stories. They try not to miss the chance of posting a daily story on Instagram, but they hesitate when it comes to Facebook. All the same, Facebook stories will help your business gain more exposure.

6. Un-authorize third-party apps: 

As social media platforms are lacking in some features, such as analytics and scheduling, businesses resort to using an external software to help provide these features. If you have such apps connected to your business page, it is advised by many marketers that you should get rid of them as they reduce your reach and engagement rates.

If your business social engagement has plummeted, follow all or some of the above tips to help scale it back to the normal rate.

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