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Sharjah Media City (Shams) Free Zone was launched in January 2017 to cater to the growing media sector. It stands out from other media free-zones because of its low start-up costs and unique offerings to entrepreneurs.

Shams is committed to simplifying your business experience in the UAE with its full suite of concierge services. Our dedicated team books appointments, handles all applications, and collects documents on your behalf without you having to deal with third parties. So, no more long queues and paperwork! The following is a comprehensive list of Shams concierge services that you can apply for ready assistance.

1. Emirates ID Registration:

  • The Emirates ID is the United Arab Emirates' biometric identity system operated by the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship. Enrollment in the program is mandated by law for all Citizens and Residents of the UAE.
  • This service includes completing the documentation before the scheduled service, escorting you to the Emirates ID center and assisting you with the biometrics process, and finally collecting your Emirates ID on your behalf.

2. VIP Medical Test Services:

  • To obtain a work/residence permit, foreign nationals must be free of all kinds of communicable diseases, such as HIV and TB. This service includes arranging medical tests for foreign investors.

3. Dependent Visa Application:

  • This service is to help sponsors apply for residence visas for their spouses and/or children. The pre-requisites for dependent visa application include:
    • Provide proof of relationship and ability to house and finance dependents.
    • The sponsor must be inside the UAE while dependent visas are under process.

4. Corporate Banking Assistance:

  • This service includes introducing you to your banker, bank account opening documentation assistance and follow-up, and any other corporate banking requests.

5. Car Registration and Driving License File Opening:

  • We can help you register your vehicle, open a new license file, and complete the number of classes, training, and tests required for a driver's license.

6. Driver's License Transfer:

  • This includes obtaining a license from a different country without going through the regular processes of driving training and tests.

7. Document Translation:

  • This service includes the translation of all legal documents into Arabic or English

8. MOFA Attestation:

  • This service includes getting all foreign documents attested by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) to be legally translated.

9. Document Delivery via Courier/Driver:

  • This includes document courier service for both local and international couriers. For delivery via a driver, the costs vary depending on the distance between the pick-up and delivery points.

10. PO. Box Registration/Renewal and Mail Management:

  • This service includes annual P.O. Box rental and SMS notification.
  • When your company's P.O. Box validity is close to expiry, we can apply for P.O. Box renewal to ensure continuity in service and avoid paying late renewal fines.

11. Phone Answering Services:

  • This service allows you to have your own unique UAE landline number with personalized phone answering service during working hours and voicemail service with email notifications.
  • This service also includes transferring and forwarding calls to a person assigned by your company.
  • Calls are answered by multi-lingual agents.

12. Movement Report:

  • A Movement Report or an Entry/Exit Record lists all your entries and exits to and from different countries. These are usually extracted from the entry and exit stamps affixed on your passport.

13. Maid Sponsorship – New/Renewal/Cancellation:

  • Sponsors can hire and apply for maid/driver visas by fulfilling the following pre-requisites:
    • Sponsors must have an Investor, Partner, or Manager designation on their visas and must be earning at least AED 10,000 basic salary.
    • They need to submit proof of employment and ability to house and finance maids.
    • A minimum of a 2-bedroom house is mandatory.
    • They must be inside the UAE while the maid visa is under process.

Shams Promotional Discount on Concierge Services:

Shams is currently offering 20% off on all concierge services to reduce the financial burden on start-ups and SMEs.

If you are looking to start a business in the UAE, Shams Concierge Services can make your business experience in the UAE simple and hassle-free. Call Shams authorities at 800 (Shams) 74267 or visit www.shams.ae for more information on our concierge services.


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