Shams E-gaming license - Turn your passion into an Income

Gaming is an abiding passion for many people, whether they're playing traditional table games, having fun with puzzle games on their smartphones, or playing the latest console title. But what comes as a surprise to many is that the booming e-gaming industry is also an attractive employment option. A person who is passionate about gaming can make a great living in this industry.

Depending on what aspect of gaming you enjoy most, there is a wide range of professional options to choose from. The Shams e-gaming licence allows interested individuals to make a solid income in three ways; by organising gaming events or competitions, by developing games (as an independent developer), and by streaming online.

For its part, Shams is providing an array of media products and services, including logistical and regulatory support, to develop the local and regional gaming and esports industry.

Gaming: a viable career choice

A huge segment of the population once considered gaming to be a relatively specialised hobby and would never have imagined making it their career. Over the past several years, this has drastically changed, and now anyone who enjoys gaming may use their passion to generate an income. Today, there are many excellent ways to be successful in the gaming industry and land the job of your dreams.

By 2025, it is anticipated that the global gaming market will generate $300 billion in revenue, with the MENA region expected to have the fastest development. In addition, thanks to a young population, the e-gaming industry is expanding twice as rapidly in the region than it is worldwide.

Shams Media Services has made several strides in the propagation and promotion of the e-gamingindustry in the UAE,  collaborating with UAE E-sports Federation and Esports organizers across the UAE to bring local gaming communities under one roof. 

Sharjah Media City (Shams) as a free zone provides logistical and regulatory support to several e-sports and gaming companies to organise tournaments and create content to develop the local and regional gaming and esports business.

Shams’s goal to transform the multi-media city into an esports conglomerate is a reflection of the abiding commitment and hard work of the teams behind Shams which is thrilled to play a part in Sharjah’s national and regional expansion and to see the UAE become a hub for e-gaming in the Middle East and beyond.

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