Tapping into Social Media to Market Business within Budget

We mentioned in a previous blog the factors that make entrepreneurship more accessible in the UAE. Today, entrepreneurs have a greater opportunity to venture into the world of business than ten years ago! The most important factor behind that is cost. As it is possible to start your own business within a reasonable cost, it is even more possible to market that business within your budget.

Nowadays, upon hearing the word marketing, the first thing that pops up into one’s mind is social media. All businesses, whether a one-week old small company or a multi-national conglomerate, have their own pages on social media.

Why Marketing through Social Media is Effective


Most of the time, cost is the first aspect to be taken into consideration when planning a new strategy. Social media is the most cost-effective way to promote your business. If you are the owner of a small business and you want to grow your business but you cannot afford a huge marketing plan that normally costs an arm and a leg, social media channels are your go-to marketer.

Target Audience

This is the reason advertising via social media is the smartest way to market your product or service. For instance, before you launch a campaign on Facebook, you will have to set the criteria of the audience you want to target. You can segment an ad based on location, age, preferences, behavior, etc.  

 Easy to Learn

As opposed to other advertising methods, social media marketing is easy to grasp. For you to be able to advertise on social media, you need the basic know-how of social media. Overtime, you start learning first-hand and growing your experience in digital marketing. Since social media marketing is a trend today, the internet is populated with guides that study social media marketing in depth. You can easily learn how to turn into a digital-marketing-savvy through online articles, YouTube videos, online courses as well as books.

New tools are being developed every day to make social media marketing easier and less time-consuming. For example, now you can publish on multiple social media platforms in a single post using one software, without having to repeat the task with each platform. If you haven’t created a page for your business on social media account, it’s high time you did it.

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