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Sharjah is one of the most active emirates in the UAE in activity trading. It has access to the port on the Arabian Gulf and the Gulf of Oman along the Indian Ocean. The following list of business activities currently offered by Shams is not exhaustive. Please note corresponding ISIC code when making your enquiry.

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Activity Class Number
Sound recording and music publishing activities 5920
Book publishing 5811
Publishing of directories and mailing lists 5812
Publishing of newspapers, journals and periodicals 5813
Other publishing activities 5819
Software publishing 5820
Motion picture, video and television programme production activiti 5911
Motion picture, video and television programme post-production activities 5912
Motion picture projection activities 5914
Motion picture, video and television programme distribution activities 5913
Radio broadcasting 6010
Television programming and broadcasting activities 6020
Satellite telecommunications activities 6130
Computer programming activities 6201
Computer consultancy and computer facilities management activities 6202
Other information technology and computer service activities 6209
Data processing, hosting and related activities 6311
Web portals 6312
News agency activities 6391
Other information service activities n.e.c. 6399