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1811: Printing

1811.01 - Printing of newspapers, magazines and other periodicals, books and brochures, music and music manuscripts, maps, atlases, posters, advertising catalogues, prospectuses and other printed advertising, postage stamps, taxation stamps, documents of title, cheques and other security papers, diaries, calendars, business forms and other commercial printed matter, personal stationery and other printed matter by letterpress, offset, photogravure, flexographic and other printing presses, duplication machines, computer printers, embossers etc., including quick printing. the material printed is typically copyrighted

1811.02 - Printing directly onto textiles, plastic, glass, metal, wood and ceramics (except silkscreen printing on textiles and wearing apparel) the material printed is typically copyrighted.

1811.03 - Printing on labels or tags (lithographic, gravure printing, flexographic printing, other)

1812: Service activities related to printing

1812.01 - Binding of printed sheets, e.g. into books, brochures, magazines, catalogues etc., byfolding, assembling, stitching, glueing, collating, basting, adhesive binding, trimming, gold stamping

1812.02 - Composition, typesetting, phototypesetting, pre-press data input including scanning and optical character recognition, electronic make-up

1812.03 - Plate-making services including imagesetting and plate-setting (for the printing processes letterpress and offset)

1812.04 - Engraving or etching of cylinders for gravure

1812.05 - Plate processes direct to plate (also photopolymer plates)

1812.06 - Preparation of plates and dies for relief stamping or printing

1812.07 - Production of proofs

1812.08 - Artistic work including preparation of litho stones and prepared woodblocks

1812.09 - Production of reprographic products

1812.10 - Design of printing products e.g. sketches, layouts, dummies etc.

1812.11 - Other graphic activities such as die-sinking or die-stamping, braille copying, punching and drilling, embossing, varnishing and laminating, collating and insetting, creasing

1820: Reproduction of recorded media

1820.01 - Reproduction from master copies of gramophone records, compact discs and tapes with music or other sound recordings

1820.02 - Reproduction from master copies of records, compact discs and tapes with motion pictures and other video recordings

1820.03 - Reproduction from master copies of software and data on discs and tapes

Information and communication

5811: Book publishing

5811.01 - Publishing of books, brochures, leaflets and similar publications, including publishing of dictionaries and encyclopedias

5811.02 - Publishing of atlases, maps and charts

5811.03 - Publishing of audio books

5811.04 - Publishing of encyclopedias etc. on CD-ROM

5811.11 - E-books publishing

5812: Publishing of directories and mailing lists

5812.01 - Publishing of mailing lists

5812.02 - Publishing of telephone books

5812.03 - Publishing of other directories and compilations, such as case law, pharmaceutical compendia etc.

5813: Publishing of newspapers, journals and periodicals

5813.01 - Publishing of newspapers, including advertising newspapers

5813.02 - Publishing of periodicals and other journals, including publishing of radio and television schedules publishing can be done in print or electronic form, including on the internet.

5815: Audio Recordings Publication
5819: Other publishing activities

5819.01 - Publishing (including on-line) of:
• Catalogs
• Photos, engravings and postcards
• Greeting cards
• Forms
• Posters, reproduction of works of art
• Advertising material

5819.02 - On-line publishing of statistics or other information

5820: Software publishing
5820.01 - Publishing of ready-made (non-customized) software:
• Operating systems
• Business and other applications
• Computer games for all platforms
5911: Motion picture, video and television programme production activities

5911.01 - Production of motion pictures, videos, television programmes or television commercials

5911.11 - Media support services

5911.12 - Radio & tv broadcast consultancy

5911.13 - Media content production

5911.14 - Multimedia development

5912: Motion picture, video and television programme post-production activities

5912.01 - Post-production activities such as:
• Editing, titling, subtitling, credits
• Closed captioning
• Computer-produced graphics, animation and special effects
• Film/tape transfers

5912.02 - Activities of motion picture film laboratories and activities of special laboratories for animated films:
• Developing and processing motion picture film
• Reproduction of motion picture film for theatrical distribution

5912.03 - Activities of stock footage film libraries etc.

5913: Motion picture, video and television programme distribution activities

5913.01 - Distributing film, video tapes, DVDs and similar productions to motion picture theatres, television networks and stations and exhibitors

5913.02 - Acquiring film, video tape and DVD distribution rights

5913.11 - Media archiving

5914: Motion picture projection activities

5914.01 - Motion picture or videotape projection in cinemas, in the open air or in other projection facilities

5914.02 - Activities of cine-clubs

5915: Special effects and trick photography
5916: Films Production
5917: Films Production Supportive Services
5918: Production of cartoons
5919: Television Sketches and Effects Photography
5920: Sound recording and music publishing activities

5920.01 - Production of original (sound) master recordings, such as tapes, CDs

5920.02 - Sound recording service activities in a studio or elsewhere, including the production of taped (i.e. non-live) radio programming, audio for film, television etc.

5920.03 - Music publishing, i.e. activities of:
• Acquiring and registering copyrights for musical compositions
• Promoting, authorizing and using these compositions in recordings, radio, television, motion pictures, live performances, print and other media
• Distributing sound recordings to wholesalers, retailers or directly to the public.

5920.04 - Publishing of music and sheet books

5920.11 - Music production & recordings

5920.12 - Music promotion & management

5925: Audio Recorded Media Distribution
5926: Radio Programs and Audio Recordings Production
5930: Cinematic Studios Services
5931: Television Studios Services
5932: Audio Studios Services
5933: Operating & managing cinemas
5934: Operating TV & Radio Broadcasting Stations except content management
5941: Art Production Services Contracts
5942: Translation services, movies and television programs
5943: Volume, Noise and Oscillation Control Consultancy
5944: Design, Production and installation of billboards
5945: Marketing & Selling events tickets
5946: Festival Organization and Management
5947: Social Events Management
5948: Events Production
5949: Media Hardware Equipment and System Integration services
6010: Radio broadcasting

6010.01 - Broadcasting audio signals through radio broadcasting studios and facilities for the transmission of aural programming to the public, to affiliates or to subscribers

6010.02 - Activities of radio networks, i.e. assembling and transmitting aural programming to the affiliates or subscribers via over-the-air broadcasts, cable or satellite

6010.03 - Radio broadcasting activities over the internet (internet radio stations)

6010.04 - Data broadcasting integrated with radio broadcasting

6020: Television programming and broadcasting activities

6020.01 - Creation of a complete television channel programme, from purchased programme components (e.g. movies, documentaries etc.), self produced programme components (e.g. local news, live reports) or a combination thereof

6020.02 - Programming of video-on-demand channels

6020.03 - Data broadcasting integrated with television broadcasting

6025: Global Television Networks Programs Rebroadcasting Services
6110: Wired telecommunications activities

6110.01 - Operating, maintaining or providing access to facilities for the transmission of voice, data, text, sound and video using a wired telecommunications infrastructure, including:
• Operating and maintaining switching and transmission facilities to provide point-top oint communications via landlines, microwave or a combination of landlines and satellite linkups
• Operating of cable distribution systems (e.g. for distribution of data and television signals)
• Furnishing telegraph and other non-vocal communications using own facilities the transmission facilities that carry out these activities, may be based on a single technology or a combination of technologies.

6110.02 - Purchasing access and network capacity from owners and operators of networks and providing telecommunications services using this capacity to businesses and households

6110.03 - Provision of internet access by the operator of the wired infrastructure

6120: Wireless telecommunications activities

6120.01 - Operating, maintaining or providing access to facilities for the transmission of voice, data, text, sound, and video using a wireless telecommunications infrastructure

6120.02 - Maintaining and operating paging as well as cellular and other wireless telecommunications networks.

6120.03 - Purchasing access and network capacity from owners and operators of networks and providing wireless telecommunications services (except satellite) using this capacity to businesses and households

6120.04 - Provision of internet access by the operator of the wireless infrastructure

6130: Satellite telecommunications activities

6130.01 - Operating, maintaining or providing access to facilities for the transmission of voice, data, text, sound and video using a satellite telecommunications infrastructure

6130.02 - Delivery of visual, aural or textual programming received from cable networks, local television stations or radio networks to consumers via direct-to-home satellite systems (the units classified here do not generally originate programming material.)

6130.03 - Provision of internet access by the operator of the satellite infrastructure

6190: Other telecommunications activities

6190.01 - Revision of specialized telecommunications applications, such as satellite tracking, communications telemetry, and radar station operations

6190.02 - Operation of satellite terminal stations and associated facilities operationally connected with one or more terrestrial communications systems and capable of transmitting telecommunications to or receiving telecommunications from satellite systems

6190.03 - Operation of satellite terminal stations and associated facilities operationally connected with one or more terrestrial communications systems and capable of transmitting telecommunications to or receiving telecommunications from satellite systems

6190.04 - Provision of telephone and internet access in facilities open to the public

6190.05 - Provision of telecommunications services over existing telecom connections:
• Voip (voice over internet protocol) provision

6190.06 - Telecommunications resellers (i.e. purchasing and reselling network capacity without providing additional services)

6190.11 - Interactive services

6195: Telecommunications services
6201: Computer programming activities

6201.01 - Designing the structure and content of, and/or writing the computer code necessary to create and implement:
• Systems software (including updates and patches)
• Software applications (including updates and patches)
• Databases
• Web pages

6201.02 - Customizing of software, i.e. modifying and configuring an existing application so that it is functional within the clients’ information system environment

6202: Computer consultancy and computer facilities management activities

6202.01 - Planning and designing of computer systems that integrate computer hardware, software and communication technologies.

6202.02 - Provision of on-site management and operation of clients’ computer systems and/or data processing facilities, as well as related support services

6202.11 - Digital content services

6202.12 - Concept & design consultancy

6209: Other information technology and computer service activities

6209.01 - Computer disaster recovery

6209.02 - Installation (setting-up) of personal computers

6209.03 - Software installation

6209.11 - IT security management

6209.12 - Cyber security consultancy

6209.13 - Security systems consultancy

6209.14 - Cyber risk management services

6209.15 - Innovation and artificial intelligence research and consultancies

6311: Data processing, hosting and related activities

6311.01 - Provision of infrastructure for hosting, data processing services and related activities

6311.02 - - Specialized hosting activities such as:
• Web hosting
• Streaming services
• Application hosting

6311.03 - Application service provisioning

6311.04 - General time-share provision of mainframe facilities to clients

6311.05 - Data processing activities:
• Complete processing of data supplied by clients
• Generation of specialized reports from data supplied by clients

6311.06 - Provision of data entry services

6312: Web portals

6312.01 - Operation of web sites that use a search engine to generate and maintain extensive databases of internet addresses and content in an easily searchable format

6312.02 - Operation of other websites that act as portals to the internet, such as media sites providing periodically updated content

6391: News agency activities

6391.01 - News syndicate and news agency activities furnishing news, pictures and features to the media

6399: Other information service activities n.e.c.

6399.01 - Telephone based information services

6399.02 - Information search services on a contract or fee basis

6399.03 - News clipping services, press clipping services, etc.

6395: Online news services
6396: Press Material Preparation and Distribution

Professional, scientific and technical activities

7310: Advertising

7310.01 - Creation and realization of advertising campaigns:
• Creating and placing advertising in newspapers, periodicals, radio, television, the internet and other media
• Creating and placing of outdoor advertising, e.g. billboards, panels, bulletins and frames, window dressing, showroom design, car and bus carding etc.
• Media representation, i.e. sale of time and space for various media soliciting advertising
• Aerial advertising
• Distribution or delivery of advertising material or samples
• Provision of advertising space on billboards etc.
• Creation of stands and other display structures and sites

7310.02 - Conducting marketing campaigns and other advertising services aimed at attracting and retaining customers:
• Promotion of products
• Point-of-sale marketing
• Direct mail advertising
• Marketing consulting

7310.11 - Digital marketing

7310.12 - Public relations consultancy

7310.13 - Publications of brochures & leaflets

7310.14 - Online Marketing Services

7310.15 - Direct marketing

7310.16 - Social media services

7310.17 - Sales promotion

7310.18 - Online advertising

7310.19 - Publicity

7310.20 - Digital media management

7310.21 - Social media consultancy

7315: Marketing festivals and art events
7316: Sports Events Marketing
7317: Advertising Agency
7320: Market research and public opinion polling

7320.01 - Investigation into market potential, acceptance and familiarity of products and buying habits of consumers for the purpose of sales promotion and development of new products, including statistical analyses of the results

7320.02 - Investigation into collective opinions of the public about political, economic and social issues and statistical analysis thereof

7320.11 - Specialty communication & PR

7320.12 - Media representation

7320.13 - Media monitoring

7320.14 - Media consultancy:
• Broadcasting
• Press
• News
• TV & Radio
• Production
• Post-Production

7320.15 - Communication consultancy

7325: Mass Media Engineering Consultancy
7326: Consultancy and Studies and Researches in Literature and Arts
7331: Consulting and advertising studies
7332: Branding and Corporate Identity
7333: Content Rights Management
7334: Corporate Content Provider
7335: Interactive Services
7410: Specialized design activities

7410.01 - Fashion design related to textiles, wearing apparel, shoes, jewelry, furniture and other interior decoration and other fashion goods as well as other personal or household goods

7410.02 - Industrial design, i.e. creating and developing designs and specifications that optimize the use, value and appearance of products, including the determination of the materials, construction, mechanism, shape, colour and surface finishes of the product, taking into consideration human characteristics and needs, safety, market appeal and efficiency in production, distribution, use and maintenance

7410.03 - Activities of graphic designers

7410.04 - Activities of interior decorators

7415: Production models by the three-dimensional imaging
7416: Holograms production
7420: Photographic activities

7420.01 - Commercial and consumer photograph production:
• Portrait photography for passports, schools, weddings etc.
• Photography for commercials, publishers, fashion, real estate or tourism purposes
• Aerial photography
• Videotaping of events: weddings, meetings etc.

7420.02 - Film processing:
• Developing, printing and enlarging from client-taken negatives or cine-films
• Film developing and photo printing laboratories
• One hour photo shops (not part of camera stores)
• Mounting of slides
• Copying and restoring or transparency retouching in connection with photographs

7420.03 - Activities of photojournalists

7420.04 - Microfilming of documents

7423: Air Photography
7424: Parties and Occasions Photographing
7425: Renting instant photography equipment
7426: Renting Photo booths
7427: Photography for construction projects
7428: Documentary Films Photography
7490: Other professional, scientific and technical activities n.e.c.

7490.01 - Translation and interpretation activities

7490.02 - Business brokerage activities, i.e. arranging for the purchase and sale of small and medium-sized businesses, including professional practices, but not including real estate brokerage

7490.03 - Patent brokerage activities (arranging for the purchase and sale of patents)

7490.04 - Appraisal activities other than for real estate and insurance (for antiques, jewellery, etc.)

7490.05 - Bill auditing and freight rate information

7490.06 - Activities of quantity surveyors

7490.07 - Weather forecasting activities

7490.08 - Security consulting

7490.09 - Agronomy consulting

7490.10 - Environmental consulting

7490.11 - Other technical consulting

7490.12 - Activities of consultants other than architecture, engineering and management consultants

7490.13 - Activities carried on by agents and agencies on behalf of individuals usually involving the obtaining of engagements in motion picture, theatrical production or other entertainment or sports attractions and the placement of books, plays, artworks, photographs etc., with publishers, producers etc.

7490.21 - Human resources consultancy

Arts, entertainment and recreation

9000: Creative, arts and entertainment activities

9000.01 - Production of live theatrical presentations, concerts and opera or dance productions and other stage productions:
• Activities of groups, circuses or companies, orchestras or bands
• Activities of individual artists such as authors, actors, directors, musicians, lecturers or speakers, stage-set designers and builders etc.

9000.02 - Operation of concert and theatre halls and other arts facilities

9000.03 - Activities of sculptors, painters, cartoonists, engravers, etchers etc.

9000.04 - Activities of individual writers, for all subjects including fictional writing, technical writing etc.

9000.05 - Activities of independent journalists

9000.06 - Restoring of works of art such as paintings etc.

9000.07 - Activities of producers or entrepreneurs of arts live events, with or without facilities

9000.11 - Event organizing

9000.12 - Art production

9000.13 - Performing arts management

9000.14 - Music training

9000.15 - Art consulting

9000.16 - Music consultancy

9000.17 - Hospitality services

9000.18 - E-gaming services & solutions

9000.19 - Choreography

9001: Music Band
9002: Pop Arts Shows
9003: Laser Shows Presentation
9004: Artwork for cosmetic Craft
9005: Design & Production Of Prototypes
9006: Entertainment Services and Contracting
9007: Specialized works of art cinema
9008: Theatres and Cinemas Management
9009: Organizing exhibitions of art works
9010: Costume Design
9011: Design, Scenery, Motion Graphics and Lighting
9040: Digital and Interactive Game Development
9041: Games Publishing
9042: Organizing E-Sports Events
9046: Organazing Digital Gaming events
9047: Organazing Sports & Entertainment Games
9061: Acting and Related Arts Training
9062: Film-making Training
9063: Performing Art training
9064: Radio, Television and Journalism Training
9065: Photography training
9066: Managing & Operating a Casting Agency
9067: Managing & Operating a Modelling Agency
9068: Talent Management

Wholesale and retail trade; repair of motor vehicles and motorcycles Division Group Class Description

4530: Sale of motor vehicle parts and accessories

4530.01 - Wholesale and retail sale of all kinds of parts, components, supplies, tools and accessories for motor vehicles, such as:
• Rubber tires and inner tubes for tires
• Spark plugs, batteries, lighting equipment and electrical parts

4610: Wholesale on a fee or contract basis

4610.01 - Activities of commission agents and all other wholesalers who trade on behalf and on the account of others

4610.02 - Activities of those involved in bringing sellers and buyers together or undertaking commercial transactions on behalf of a principal, including on the internet

4610.03 - Such agents involved in the sale of:
• Agricultural raw materials, live animals, textile raw materials and semi-finished goods
• Fuels, ores, metals and industrial chemicals, including fertilizers
• Food and beverages
• Textiles, clothing, fur, footwear and leather goods
• Timber and building materials
• Machinery, including office machinery and computers, industrial equipment, ships and aircraft
• Furniture, household goods and hardware

4610.04 - Activities of wholesale auctioneering houses

4610.11 - Commercial brokerage services

4620: Wholesale of agricultural raw materials and live animals

4620.01 - Wholesale of grains and seeds

4620.02 - Wholesale of oleaginous fruits

4620.03 - Wholesale of flowers and plants

4620.04 - Wholesale of live animals

4620.05 - Wholesale of hides and skins

4620.06 - Wholesale of leather

4620.07 - Wholesale of agricultural material, waste, residues and by-products used for animal feed

4630: Wholesale of food and beverages

4630.01 - Wholesale of fruit and vegetables

4630.02 - Wholesale of dairy products

4630.03 - Wholesale of eggs and egg products

4630.04 - Wholesale of edible oils and fats of animal or vegetable origin

4630.05 - Wholesale of meat and meat products

4630.06 - Wholesale of fishery products

4630.07 - Wholesale of sugar, chocolate and sugar confectionery

4630.08 - Wholesale of bakery products

4630.09 - Wholesale of beverages

4630.10 - Wholesale of coffee, tea, cocoa and spices

4630.11 - Wholesale of feed for pet animals

4641: Wholesale of textiles, clothing and footwear

4641.01 - Wholesale of yarn

4641.02 - Wholesale of fabrics

4641.03 - Wholesale of household linen etc.

4641.04 - Wholesale of haberdashery: needles, sewing thread etc.

4641.05 - Wholesale of clothing, including sports clothes

4641.06 - Wholesale of clothing accessories such as gloves, ties and braces

4641.07 - Wholesale of footwear

4641.08 - Wholesale of fur articles

4641.09 - Wholesale of umbrellas

4649: Wholesale of other household goods

4649.01 - Wholesale of household furniture

4649.02 - - Wholesale of household appliances

4649.03 - Wholesale of consumer electronics:
• Radio and TV equipment
• CD and DVD players and recorders
• Stereo equipment
• Video game consoles

4649.04 - Wholesale of lighting equipment

4649.05 - Wholesale of cutlery

4649.06 - Wholesale of china and glassware

4649.07 - Wholesale of woodenware, wickerwork and corkware etc.

4649.08 - Wholesale of pharmaceutical and medical goods

4649.09 - Wholesale of perfumery cosmetics, beauty products and soaps

4649.10 - Wholesale of bicycles and their parts and accessories

4649.11 - Wholesale of stationery, books, magazines and newspapers

4649.12 - Wholesale of photographic and optical goods (e.g. sunglasses, binoculars, magnifying glasses)

4649.13 - Wholesale of recorded audio and video tapes, CDs, DVDs

4649.14 - Wholesale of leather goods and travel accessories

4649.15 - Wholesale of watches, clocks and jewellery

4649.16 - Wholesale of musical instruments, games and toys, sports goods

4649.21 - Wholesale of personal requisites

4649.22 - Gifts trading

4649.23 - Equipment trading of e-games and entertainment halls

4651: Wholesale of computers, computer peripheral equipment and software

4651.01 - Wholesale of computers and computer peripheral equipment

4651.02 - Wholesale of software

4652: Wholesale of electronic and telecommunications equipment and parts

4652.01 - Wholesale of electronic valves and tubes

4652.02 - Wholesale of semiconductor devices

4652.03 - Wholesale of microchips and integrated circuits

4652.04 - Wholesale of printed circuits

4652.05 - Wholesale of blank audio and video tapes and diskettes, magnetic and optical disks (CDs, DVDs)

4652.06 - Wholesale of telephone and communications equipment

4653: Wholesale of agricultural machinery, equipment and supplies

4653.01 - Wholesale of agricultural machinery and equipment:
• Ploughs, manure spreaders, seeders
• Harvesters
• Threshers
• Milking machines
• Poultry-keeping machines, bee-keeping machines
• Tractors used in agriculture and forestry

4653.02 - Lawn mowers however operated

4659: Wholesale of other machinery and equipment

4659.01 - Wholesale of office machinery and equipment, except computers and computer peripheral equipment

4659.02 - Wholesale of office furniture

4659.03 - Wholesale of transport equipment except motor vehicles, motorcycles and bicycles

4659.04 - Wholesale of production-line robots

4659.05 - Wholesale of wires and switches and other installation equipment for industrial use

4659.06 - Wholesale of other electrical material such as electrical motors, transformers

4659.07 - Wholesale of machine tools of any type and for any material

4659.08 - Wholesale of other machinery n.e.c. for use in industry, trade and navigation and other services

4659.09 - Wholesale of computer-controlled machine tools

4659.10 - Wholesale of computer-controlled machinery for the textile industry and of computer controlled sewing and knitting machines

4659.11 - Wholesale of measuring instruments and equipment

4662: Wholesale of metals and metal ores except gold and other precious metals

4662.01 - Wholesale of ferrous and non-ferrous metal ores

4662.02 - Wholesale of ferrous and non-ferrous metals in primary forms

4662.03 - Wholesale of ferrous and non-ferrous semi-finished metal products n.e.c.

4663: Wholesale of construction materials, hardware, plumbing and heating equipment and supplies

4663.01 - Wholesale of wood in the rough

4663.02 - Wholesale of products of primary processing of wood

4663.03 - Wholesale of paint and varnish

4663.04 - Wholesale of construction materials:
• Sand, gravel

4663.05 - Wholesale of wallpaper and floor coverings

4663.06 - Wholesale of flat glass

4663.07 - Wholesale of hardware and locks

4663.08 - Wholesale of fittings and fixtures

4663.09 - Wholesale of hot water heaters

4663.10 - Wholesale of sanitary equipment:
• Baths, washbasins, toilets and other sanitary porcelain

4663.11 - Wholesale of sanitary installation equipment:
tubes, pipes, fittings, taps, t-pieces, connections, rubber pipes etc.

4663.12 - Wholesale of tools such as hammers, saws, screwdrivers and other hand tools

4668: Wholesale of Gold, Precious Metals and Precious Stones

4668.01 - Wholesale of gold and other precious metals

4668.02 - Wholesale of precious stones

4669: Wholesale of plastic materials, rubber, textile fibres, paper in bulk

4669.03 - Wholesale of plastic materials

4669.04 - Wholesale of rubber

4669.05 - Wholesale of textile fibres etc.

4669.06 - Wholesale of paper in bulk

4669.08 - Wholesale of metal and non-metal waste and scrap and materials for recycling, including collecting, sorting, separating, stripping of used goods such as cars in order to obtain reusable parts, packing and repacking, storage and delivery, but without a real transformation process. additionally, the purchased and sold waste has a remaining value.

4669.09 - Dismantling of automobiles, computers, televisions and other equipment to obtain and re-sell usable parts

4690: Non-specialized wholesale trade
4690.01 - Wholesale of a variety of goods without any particular specialization
4711: Retail sale in non-specialized stores with food or beverages predominating
4711.01 - Retail sale of a large variety of goods of which, however, food products and beverages should be predominant, such as:
• Retail sale activities of general stores that have, apart from their main sales of food products and beverages, several other types of goods such as wearing apparel, furniture, appliances, hardware, cosmetics etc.
4719: Other retail sale in non-specialized stores

4719.01 - Retail sale of a large variety of goods of which, however, food products and beverages should be predominant, such as:
• Retail sale activities of department stores carrying a general line of goods, including wearing apparel, furniture, appliances, hardware, cosmetics, jewellery, toys, sports goods etc.

4721: Retail sale of food in specialized stores

4721.01 - Retail sale of any the following types of goods:
• Fresh or preserved fruit and vegetables
• Dairy products and eggs
• Meat and meat products (including poultry)
• Fish, other seafood and products thereof
• Bakery products
• Sugar confectionery
• Other food products

4722: Retail sale of beverages in specialized stores

4722.01 - Retail sale of beverages (not for consumption on the premises):
• Non-alcoholic beverages

4741: Retail sale of computers, peripheral units, software and telecommunications equipment in specialized stores

4741.01 - Retail sale of computers

4741.02 - Retail sale of computer peripheral equipment

4741.03 - Retail sale of video game consoles

4741.04 - Retail sale of non-customized software, including video games

4741.05 - Retail sale of telecommunication equipment

4742: Retail sale of audio and video equipment in specialized stores

4742.01 - Retail sale of radio and television equipment

4742.02 - Retail sale of stereo equipment

4742.03 - Retail sale of CD and DVD players and recorders

4751: Retail sale of textiles in specialized stores

4751.01 - Retail sale of fabrics

4751.02 - Retail sale of knitting yarn

4751.03 - Retail sale of basic materials for rug, tapestry or embroidery making

4751.04 - Retail sale of textiles

4751.05 - Retail sale of haberdashery: needles, sewing thread etc.

4752: Retail sale of hardware, paints and glass in specialized stores

4752.01 - Retail sale of hardware

4752.02 - Retail sale of paints, varnishes and lacquers

4752.03 - Retail sale of flat glass

4752.04 - Retail sale of other building material such as bricks, wood, sanitary equipment

4752.05 - Retail sale of do-it-yourself material and equipment

4752.06 - Retail sale of lawnmowers, however operated

4752.07 - Retail sale of saunas

4753: Retail sale of carpets, rugs, wall and floor coverings in specialized stores

4753.01 - Retail sale of carpets and rugs

4753.02 - Retail sale of curtains and net curtains

4753.03 - Retail sale of wallpaper and floor coverings

4759: Retail sale of electrical household appliances, furniture, lighting equipment and other household articles in specialized stores

4759.01 - Retail sale of household furniture

4759.02 - Retail sale of articles for lighting

4759.03 - Retail sale of household utensils and cutlery, crockery, glassware, china and pottery

4759.04 - Retail sale of wooden, cork and wickerwork goods

4759.05 - Retail sale of household appliances

4759.06 - Retail sale of musical instruments and scores

4759.07 - Retail sale of security systems, such as locking devices, safes, and vaults, without installation or maintenance services

4759.08 - Retail sale of household articles and equipment n.e.c.

4761: Retail sale of books, newspapers and stationary in specialized stores

4761.01 - Retail sale of books of all kinds

4761.02 - Retail sale of newspapers and stationery

4761.03 - Retail sale of office supplies such as pens, pencils, paper etc.

4762: Retail sale of music and video recordings in specialized stores

4762.01 - Retail sale of musical records, audio tapes, compact discs and cassettes

4762.02 - Retail sale of video tapes and DVDs

4762.03 - Retail sale of blank tapes and discs

4763: Retail sale of sporting equipment in specialized stores

4763.01 - Retail sale of sports goods, fishing gear, camping goods, boats and bicycles

4764: Retail sale of games and toys in specialized stores

4764.01 - Retail sale of games and toys, made of all materials

4771: Retail sale of clothing, footwear and leather articles in specialized stores

4771.01 - Retail sale of articles of clothing

4771.02 - Retail sale of articles of fur

4771.03 - Retail sale of clothing accessories such as gloves, ties, braces etc.

4771.04 - Retail sale of umbrellas

4771.05 - Retail sale of footwear

 4771.06 - Retail sale of leather goods

4771.07 - Retail sale of travel accessories of leather and leather substitutes

4772: Retail sale of pharmaceutical and medical goods, cosmetic and toilet articles in specialized stores

4772.01 - Retail sale of pharmaceuticals

4772.02 - Retail sale of medical and orthopedic goods

4772.03 - Retail sale of perfumery and cosmetic articles

4773: Other retail sale of new goods in specialized stores

4773.01 - Retail sale of photographic, optical and precision equipment

4773.02 - Activities of opticians

4773.03 - Retail sale of watches, clocks and jewellery

4773.04 - Retail sale of flowers, plants, seeds, fertilizers and pet food

4773.05 - Retail sale of souvenirs and craftwork

4773.06 - Activities of commercial art galleries

4773.08 - Retail sale of cleaning materials

4773.09 - Retail sale of stamps and coins

4773.10 - Retail sale of non-food products n.e.c.

4774: Retail sale of second-hand goods

4774.01 - Retail sale of second-hand books

4774.02 - Retail sale of other second-hand goods

4774.03 - Retail sale of antiques

4774.04 - Activities of auctioning houses (retail)

4781: Retail sale via stalls and markets of food and beverages

4781.01 - Retail sale of food and beverages via stalls or markets

4782: Retail sale via stalls and markets of textiles, clothing and footwear

4782.01 - Retail sale of textiles, clothing and footwear via stalls or markets

4789: Retail sale via stalls and markets of other goods

4789.01 - Retail sale of other goods via stalls or markets, such as:
• Carpets and rugs
• Books
• Games and toys
• Household appliances and consumer electronics
• Music and video recordings

4791: Retail sale via mail order houses or via Internet

4791.01 - Retail sale of any kind of product by mail order

4791.02 - Retail sale of any kind of product over the internet

4791.03 - Direct sale via television, radio and telephone

4791.04 - Internet retail auctions

4799: Other retail sale not in stores, stalls or markets

4799.01 - Retail sale of any kind of product:
• By direct sales or door-to-door sales persons
• Through vending machines etc.

4799.02 - Direct selling of fuel (heating oil, fire wood etc.), delivered directly to the customers premises

4799.03 - Activities of non-store auctions (retail)

4799.04 - Retail sale by (non-store) commission agents


3312: Repair of machinery

3312.01 - Repair and maintenance of industrial machinery and equipment like sharpening or installing commercial and industrial machinery blades and saws; the provision of welding (e.g. automotive, general) repair services; the repair of agricultural and other heavy and industrial machinery and equipment (e.g. forklifts and other materials handling equipment, machine tools, commercial refrigeration equipment, construction equipment and mining machinery)

3312.02 - Repair and maintenance of non-automotive engines, e.g. ship or rail engines

3312.03 - Repair and maintenance of pumps and related equipment

3312.04 - Repair and maintenance of fluid power equipment

3312.05 - Repair of valves

3312.06 - Repair of gearing and driving elements

3312.07 - Repair and maintenance of industrial process furnaces

3312.08 - Repair and maintenance of materials handling equipment

3312.09 - Repair and maintenance of commercial refrigeration equipment and air purifying equipment

3312.10 - Repair and maintenance of commercial-type general-purpose machinery

3312.11 - Repair of other power-driven hand-tools

3312.12 - Repair and maintenance of metal cutting and metal forming machine tools and accessories

3312.13 - Repair and maintenance of other machine tools

3312.14 - Repair and maintenance of agricultural tractors

3312.15 - Repair and maintenance of agricultural machinery and forestry and logging machinery

3312.16 - Repair and maintenance of metallurgy machinery

3312.17 - Repair and maintenance of mining, construction, and oil and gas field machinery

3312.18 - Repair and maintenance of food, beverage, and tobacco processing machinery

3312.19 - Repair and maintenance of textile apparel, and leather production machinery

3312.20 - Repair and maintenance of papermaking machinery

3312.21 - Repair and maintenance of other special-purpose machinery

3312.22 - Repair and maintenance of weighing equipment

3312.23 - Repair and maintenance of vending machines 

3312.24 - Repair and maintenance of cash registers

3312.25 - Repair and maintenance of photocopy machines

3312.26 - Repair of calculators, electronic or not

3312.27 - Repair of typewriters

3313: Repair of electronic and optical equipment

3313.01 - Repair and maintenance of the measuring, testing, navigating and control equipment such as:
• Aircraft engine instruments
• Automotive emissions testing equipment
• Meteorological instruments
• Physical, electrical and chemical properties testing and inspection equipment
• Surveying instruments
• Radiation detection and monitoring instruments

3313.02 - Repair and maintenance of irradiation, electromedical and electrotherapeutic equipment such as:
• Magnetic resonance imaging equipment
• Medical ultrasound equipment
• Pacemakers
• Hearing aids
• Electrocardiographs
• Electromedical endoscopic equipment
• Irradiation apparatus

3313.03 - Repair and maintenance of optical instruments and equipment, if the use is mainly commercial, such as:
• Binoculars
• Microscopes (except electron and proton microscopes)
• Telescopes
• Prisms and lenses (except ophthalmic)
• Photographic equipment

3314: Repair of electrical equipment

3314.01 - Repair and maintenance of power, distribution, and specialty transformers

3314.02 - Repair and maintenance of electric motors, generators, and motor generator sets

3314.03 - Repair and maintenance of switchgear and switchboard apparatus

3314.04 - Repair and maintenance of relays and industrial controls

3314.05 - Repair and maintenance of primary and storage batteries

3314.06 - Repair and maintenance of electric lighting equipment

3314.07 - Repair and maintenance of current-carrying wiring devices and non current-carrying wiring devices for wiring electrical circuits

3319: Repair of other equipment

3319.01 - Repair of fishing nets, including mending

3319.02 - Repair or ropes, riggings, canvas and tarps

3319.03 - Repair of fertilizer and chemical storage bags

3319.04 - Repair or reconditioning of wooden pallets, shipping drums or barrels, and similar items

3319.05 - Repair of pinball machines and other coin-operated games

3319.06 - Restoring of organs and other historical musical instruments

3320: Installation of industrial machinery and equipment

3320.01 - Installation of industrial machinery in industrial plant

3320.02 - Installation of industrial process control equipment

3320.03 - Installation of other industrial equipment, e.g.:
• Communications equipment
• Mainframe and similar computers
• Irradiation and electromedical equipment etc.

3320.04 - Dismantling large-scale machinery and equipment

3320.05 - Activities of millwrights

3320.06 - Machine rigging

3320.07 - Installation of bowling alley equipment


4321: Electrical installation

4321.01 - Installation of:
• Electrical wiring and fittings
• Telecommunications wiring
• Computer network and cable television wiring, including fibre optic
• Satellite dishes
• Lighting systems
• Fire alarms
• Burglar alarm systems
• Street lighting and electrical signals
• Airport runway lighting

4321.02 - Connecting of electric appliances and household equipment, including baseboard heating

4322: Plumbing, heat and air-conditioning installation

4322.01 - Installation in buildings or other construction projects of:
• Heating systems (electric, gas and oil)
• Furnaces, cooling towers
• Non-electric solar energy collectors
• Plumbing and sanitary equipment
• Ventilation, refrigeration or air-conditioning equipment and ducts
• Gas fittings
• Steam piping
• Fire sprinkler systems
• Lawn sprinkler systems

4322.02 - Duct work installation

4329: Other construction installation

4329.01 - Installation in buildings or other construction projects of:
• Elevators, escalators
• Automated and revolving doors
• Lightning conductors
• Vacuum cleaning systems
• Thermal, sound or vibration insulation

Transportation and storage

5224: Cargo handling

5224.01 - Loading and unloading of goods or passengers’ luggage irrespective of the mode of transport used for transportation

5224.02 - Stevedoring

5224.03 - Loading and unloading of freight railway cars

5229: Other transportation support activities

5229.01 - Forwarding of freight

5229.02 - Arranging or organizing of transport operations by rail, road, sea or air

5229.03 - Organization of group and individual consignments (including pickup and delivery of goods and grouping of consignments)

5229.04 - Logistics activities, i.e. planning, designing and supporting operations of transportation, warehousing and distribution

5229.05 - Issue and procurement of transport documents and waybills

5229.06 - Activities of customs agents

5229.07 - Activities of sea-freight forwarders and air-cargo agents

5229.08 - Brokerage for ship and aircraft space

5229.09 - Goods-handling operations, e.g. temporary crating for the sole purpose of protecting the goods during transit, uncrating, sampling, weighing of goods

5320: Courier activities

5320.01 - Pickup, sorting, transport and delivery (domestic or international) of letter-post and (mail-type) parcels and packages by firms not operating under a universal service obligation. one or more modes of transport may be involved and the activity may be carried out with either self-owned (private) transport or via public transport.

5320.02 - Distribution and delivery of mail and parcels

5320.03 - Home delivery services

Accommodation and food service activities

5610: Restaurants and mobile food service activities

5610.01 - Restaurants

5610.02 - Cafeterias

5610.03 - Fast-food restaurants

5610.04 - Pizza delivery

5610.05 - Take-out eating places

5610.06 - Ice cream truck vendors

5610.07 - Mobile food carts

5610.08 - Food preparation in market stalls

5621: Event catering

5621.01 - Event catering

5629: Other food service activities

5629.01 - Activities of food service contractors (e.g. for transportation companies)

5629.02 - Operation of food concessions at sports and similar facilities

5629.03 - Operation of canteens or cafeterias (e.g. for factories, offices, hospitals or schools) on a concession basis

Financial and insurance activities

6420: Activities of holding companies

6420.01 - Is class includes the activities of holding companies, i.e. units that hold the assets (owning controlling-levels of equity) of a group of subsidiary corporations and whose principal activity is owning the group. the holding companies in this class do not provide any other service to the businesses in which the equity is held, i.e. they do not administer or manage other units.

6491: Financial leasing

6491.01 - Leasing where the term approximately covers the expected life of the asset and the lessee acquires substantially all the benefits of its use and takes all the risks associated with its ownership. the ownership of the asset may or may not eventually be transferred. such leases cover all or virtually all costs including interest.

6492: Other credit granting

6492.01 - Financial service activities primarily concerned with making loans by institutions not involved in monetary intermediation, where the granting of credit can take a variety of forms, such as loans, mortgages, credit cards etc., providing the following types of services:
• Granting of consumer credit
• International trade financing
• Provision of long-term finance to industry by industrial banks
• Money lending outside the banking system
• Credit granting for house purchase by specialized non-depository institutions
• Pawnshops and pawnbrokers

6499: Other financial service activities, except insurance and pension funding activities, n.e.c.

6499.01 - Other financial service activities primarily concerned with distributing funds other than by making loans:
• Factoring activities
• Writing of swaps, options and other hedging arrangements
• Activities of viatical settlement companies

6499.02 - Own-account investment activities, such as by venture capital companies, investment clubs etc.

6511: Life insurance

6511.01 - Underwriting annuities and life insurance policies, disability income insurance policies, and accidental death and dismemberment insurance policies (with or without a substantial savings element).

6512: Non-life insurance

6512.01 - Provision of insurance services other than life insurance:
• Accident and fire insurance
• Health insurance
• Travel insurance
• Property insurance
• Motor, marine, aviation and transport insurance
• Pecuniary loss and liability insurance

6520: Reinsurance

6520.01 - Activities of assuming all or part of the risk associated with existing insurance policies originally underwritten by other insurance carriers

6619: Other activities auxiliary to financial service activities

6619.01 - Financial transaction processing and settlement activities, including for credit card transactions

6619.02 - Investment advisory services

6619.03 - Activities of mortgage advisers and brokers

6619.12 - Compliance consultancy

6619.13 - Financial advisory and financial analysis

6619.15 - Economic advisory

6621: Risk and damage evaluation

6621.01 - Assessing insurance claims
• Claims adjusting
• Risk assessing
• Risk and damage evaluation
• Average and loss adjusting

6621.02 - Settling insurance claims

6622: Activities of insurance agents and brokers

6622.01 - Activities of insurance agents and brokers (insurance intermediaries) in selling, negotiating or soliciting of annuities and insurance and reinsurance policies

6629: Other activities auxiliary to insurance and pension funding

6629.01 - Activities involved in or closely related to insurance and pension funding (except claims adjusting and activities of insurance agents):
• Salvage administration
• Actuarial services

Real estate activities

6810: Real estate activities with own or leased property

6810.01 - Buying, selling, renting and operating of self-owned or leased real estate, such as:
• Apartment buildings and dwellings
• Non-residential buildings, including exhibition halls, self-storage facilities, malls and shopping centers
• Land

6810.02 - Provision of homes and furnished or unfurnished flats or apartments for more permanent use, typically on a monthly or annual basis

6820: Real estate activities on a fee or contract basis

6820.01 - Activities of real estate agents and brokers

6820.02 - Intermediation in buying, selling and renting of real estate on a fee or contract basis

6820.03 - Management of real estate on a fee or contract basis

6820.04 - Appraisal services for real estate

6820.05 - Activities of real estate escrow agents

6820.11 - Real estate consultancy

6891: Real Estate Development

6891.01 - Development of building projects for own operation, i.e. for renting of space in these buildings

6891.02 - Subdividing real estate into lots, without land improvement

6891.03 - Operation of residential mobile home sites

Professional, scientific and technical activities

6920: Accounting, bookkeeping and auditing activities; tax consultancy

6920.01 - Recording of commercial transactions from businesses or others

6920.02 - Preparation or auditing of financial accounts

6920.03 - Examination of accounts and certification of their accuracy

6920.04 - Preparation of personal and business income tax returns

6920.05 - Advisory activities and representation on behalf of clients before tax authorities

7010: Activities of head offices

7010.01 - Head offices

7010.02 - Centralized administrative offices

7010.03 - Corporate offices

7010.04 - District and regional offices

7010.05 - Subsidiary management offices

7020: Management consultancy activities

7020.01 - Marketing, public relations & communication consultancy

7020.02 - Lobbying activities

7020.03 - Design of accounting methods or procedures, cost accounting programmes, budgetary control procedures

7020.04 - Advice and help to businesses and public services in planning, organization, efficiency and control, management information etc.

7020.11 - Strategy advisory services

7020.12 - Digital content management

7020.13 - Project management services

7020.14 - Immigration consultancy

7020.15 - Logistics consultancy

7020.16 - Public relation services

7020.17 - Hospitality management consultancy

7020.18 - Health management consulting services

7020.19 - Quality, standardization and measuring consultancy

7020.20 - Procurement consulting

7020.21 - Cargo freight consultancy

7110: Architectural and engineering activities and related technical consultancy

7110.01 - Architectural consulting activities:
• Building design and drafting
• Town and city planning and landscape architecture

7110.02 - Engineering design (i.e. applying physical laws and principles of engineering in the design of machines, materials, instruments, structures, processes and systems) and consulting activities for:
• Machinery, industrial processes and industrial plant
• Projects involving civil engineering, hydraulic engineering, traffic engineering
• Water management projects
• Projects elaboration and realization relative to electrical and electronic engineering, mining engineering, chemical engineering, mechanical, industrial and systems engineering, safety engineering
• Project management activities related to construction

7110.03 - Elaboration of projects using air conditioning, refrigeration, sanitary and pollution control engineering, acoustical engineering etc.

7110.04 - Geophysical, geologic and seismic surveying

7110.05 - Geodetic surveying activities:
• Land and boundary surveying activities
• Hydrologic surveying activities
• Subsurface surveying activities
• Cartographic and spatial information activities

7110.11 - Engineering consultancy

7110.12 - Civil engineering consultancy

7110.13 - Engineering consultancy of ship building

7110.14 - Aviation consultancy

7110.15 - Marine services consultancy

7120: Technical testing and analysis

7120.01 - Performance of physical, chemical and other analytical testing of all types of materials and products (see below for exceptions):
• Acoustics and vibration testing
• Testing of composition and purity of minerals etc.
• Testing activities in the field of food hygiene, including veterinary testing and control in relation to food production
• Testing of physical characteristics and performance of materials, such as strength, thickness, durability, radioactivity etc.
• Qualification and reliability testing
• Performance testing of complete machinery: motors, automobiles, electronic equipment etc.
• Radiographic testing of welds and joints
• Failure analysis
• Testing and measuring of environmental indicators: air and water pollution etc.

7120.02 - Certification of products, including consumer goods, motor vehicles, aircraft, pressurized containers, nuclear plants etc.

7120.03 - Periodic road-safety testing of motor vehicles

7120.04 - Testing with use of models or mock-ups (e.g. of aircraft, ships, dams etc.)

7120.05 - Operation of police laboratories

7131: Alternative Energy Consultancy
7132: Environmental engineering Consultancy
7133: Waste Management Consultancy
7134: Sustainable Mobility Consultancy
7210: Research and experimental development on natural sciences and engineering

7210.01 - Esearch and experimental development on natural science and engineering:
• Research and development on natural sciences
• Research and development on engineering and technology
• Research and development on medical sciences
• Research and development on biotechnology
• Research and development on agricultural sciences
• Interdisciplinary research and development, predominantly on natural sciences and engineering

7210.02 - Chemical industries consultancy

7220: Research and experimental development on social sciences and humanities

7220.01 - Research and development on social sciences

7220.02 - Research and development on humanities

7220.03 - Interdisciplinary research and development, predominantly on social sciences and humanities

Administrative and support service activities

7710: Renting and leasing of motor vehicles

7710.01 - Renting and operational leasing of the following types of vehicles:
• Passenger cars (without drivers)
• Trucks, utility trailers and recreational vehicles

7721: Renting and leasing of recreational and sports goods

7721.01 - Renting of recreational and sports equipment:
• Pleasure boats, canoes, sailboats,
• Bicycles
• Beach chairs and umbrellas
• Other sports equipment
• Skis

7722: Renting of video tapes and disks

7722.01 - Renting of video tapes, records, CDs, DVDs etc.

7729: Renting and leasing of other personal and household goods

7729.01 - Renting of all kinds of household or personal goods, to households or industries (except recreational and sports equipment):
• Textiles, wearing apparel and footwear
• Furniture, pottery and glass, kitchen and tableware, electrical appliances and house wares
• Jewellery, musical instruments, scenery and costumes
• Books, journals and magazines
• Machinery and equipment used by amateurs or as a hobby e.g. tools for home repairs
• Flowers and plants
• Electronic equipment for household use

7730: Renting and leasing of other machinery, equipment and tangible goods

7730.01 - Renting and operational leasing, without operator, of other machinery and equipment that are generally used as capital goods by industries:
• Engines and turbines
• Machine tools
• Mining and oilfield equipment
• Professional radio, television and communication equipment
• Motion picture production equipment
• Measuring and controlling equipment
• Other scientific, commercial and industrial machinery

7730.02 - Renting and operational leasing of land-transport equipment (other than motor vehicles) without drivers:
• Motorcycles, caravans and campers etc.
• Railroad vehicles

7730.03 - Renting and operational leasing of water-transport equipment without operator:
• Commercial boats and ships

7730.04 - Renting and operational leasing of air transport equipment without operator: • Airplanes • Hot-air balloons

7730.05 - Renting and operational leasing of agricultural and forestry machinery and equipment without operator:
• Renting of products produced by class 2821, such as agricultural tractors etc.

7730.06 - Renting and operational leasing of construction and civil-engineering machinery and equipment without operator:
• Crane lorries
• Scaffolds and work platforms, without erection and dismantling

7730.07 - Renting and operational leasing of office machinery and equipment without operator:
• Computers and computer peripheral equipment
• Duplicating machines, typewriters and word-processing machines
• Accounting machinery and equipment: cash registers, electronic calculators etc.
• Office furniture

7730.08 - Renting of accommodation or office containers

7730.09 - Renting of containers

7730.10 - Renting of pallets

7730.11 - Renting of animals (e.g. herds, race horses)

7730.21 - Media equipment rental

7740: Leasing of intellectual property and similar products, except copyrighted works

7740.01 - Leasing of intellectual property products (except copyrighted works, such as books or software)

7740.02 - Receiving royalties or licensing fees for the use of:
• Patented entities
• Trademarks or service marks
• Brand names
• Mineral exploration and evaluation
• Franchise agreements"

7740.11 - Intellectual property services

7810: Activities of employment placement agencies

7810.01 - Personnel search, selection referral and placement activities, including executive placement and search activities

7810.02 - Activities of casting agencies and bureaus, such as theatrical casting agencies

7810.03 - Activities of on-line employment placement agencies

7820: Temporary employment agency activities

7820.01 - Supplying workers to clients’ businesses for limited periods of time to temporarily replace or supplement the working force of the client, where the individuals provided are employees of the temporary help service unit

7830: Other human resources provision

7830.01 - Provision of human resources for client businesses this provision of human resources is typically done on a long-term or permanent basis and the units classified here may perform a wide range of human resource and personnel management duties associated with this provision.

7911: Travel agency activities

7911.01 - Activities of agencies primarily engaged in selling travel, tour, transportation and accommodation services to the general public and commercial clients

7912: Tour operator activities

7912.01 - Arranging and assembling tours that are sold through travel agencies or directly by tour operators. the tours may include any or all of the following:
• Transportation
• Accommodation
• Food
• Visits to museums, historical or cultural sites, theatrical, musical or sporting events.

7990: Other reservation service and related activities

7990.01 - Provision of other travel-related reservation services:
• Reservations for transportation, hotels, restaurants, car rentals, entertainment and sport etc.

7990.02 - Provision of time-share exchange services

7990.03 - Ticket sales activities for theatrical, sports and other amusement and entertainment events

7990.04 - Provision of visitor assistance services:
• Provision of travel information to visitors
• Activities of tourist guides

7990.05 - Tourism promotion activities

8110: Combined facilities support activities

8110.01 - Provision of a combination of support services within a client’s facility, such as general interior cleaning, maintenance, trash disposal, guard and security, mail routing, reception, laundry and related services to support operations within facilities. units classified here provide operating staff to carry out these support activities, but are not involved with or responsible for the core business or activities of the client.

8110.09 - General facilities and services engineering consultancy

8110.10 - Facilities management services

8110.11 - Security and safety advisory

8110.12 - Safety and prevention against fire engineering consultancy

8121: General cleaning of buildings

8121.01 - General (non-specialized) cleaning of all types of buildings, such as:
• Offices
• Houses or apartments
• Factories
• Shops
• Institutions

8121.02 - General (non-specialized) cleaning of other business and professional premises and multiunit residential buildings these activities cover mostly interior cleaning although they may include the cleaning of associated exterior areas such as windows or passageways.

8129: Other building and industrial cleaning activities

8129.01 - Exterior cleaning of buildings of all types, including offices, factories, shops, institutions and other business and professional premises and multiunit residential buildings

8129.02 - Specialized cleaning activities for buildings such as window cleaning, chimney cleaning and cleaning of fireplaces, stoves, furnaces, incinerators, boilers, ventilation ducts and exhaust units

8129.03 - Swimming pool cleaning and maintenance services

8129.04 - Cleaning of industrial machinery

8129.05 - Bottle cleaning

8129.06 - Cleaning of trains, buses, planes, etc.

8129.07 - Cleaning of the inside of road and sea tankers

8129.08 - Disinfecting and exterminating activities

8129.09 - Street sweeping and snow and ice removal

8129.10 - Other building and industrial cleaning activities, n.e.c.

8130: Landscape care and maintenance service activities

8130.01 - Planting, care and maintenance of:
• Parks and gardens for:
1. Private and public housing
2. Public and semi-public buildings (schools, hospitals, administrative buildings, church buildings etc.)
3. Municipal grounds (parks, green areas, cemeteries etc.)
4. Highway greenery (roads, train lines and tramlines, waterways, ports)
5. Industrial and commercial buildings
• Greenery for:
1. Buildings (roof gardens, façade greenery, indoor gardens)
2. Sports grounds (e.g. football fields, golf courses etc.), play grounds, lawns for sunbathing and other recreational parks
3. Stationary and flowing water (basins, alternating wet areas, ponds, swimming pools, ditches, watercourses, plant sewage systems)
• Plants for protection against noise, wind, erosion, visibility and dazzling

8130.02 - Maintenance of land in order to keep it in good ecological condition

8211: Corporate services provider

8211.01 - Provision of a combination of day-to-day office administrative services, such as reception, financial planning, billing and record keeping, personnel and physical distribution (mail services) and logistics for others on a contract or fee basis.

8211.10 - Businessman services

8219: Business & applications follow up services

8219.01 - Document preparation

8219.02 - Document editing or proofreading

8219.03 - Typing, word processing, or desktop publishing

8219.04 - Secretarial support services

8219.05 - Transcription of documents, and other secretarial services

8219.06 - Letter or resume writing

8219.07 - Provision of mailbox rental and other mailing activities (except direct mail advertising)

8219.08 - Photocopying

8219.09 - Duplicating

8219.10 - Blueprinting

8220: Activities of call centres

8220.01 - Activities of inbound call centres, answering calls from clients by using human operators, automatic call distribution, computer telephone integration, interactive voice response systems or similar methods to receive orders, provide product information, deal with customer requests for assistance or address customer complaints

8220.02 - Activities of outbound call centers using similar methods to sell or market goods or services to potential customers, undertake market research or public opinion polling and similar activities for clients

8230: Organization of conventions and trade shows

8230.01 - Organization, promotion and/or management of events, such as business and trade shows, conventions, conferences and meetings, whether or not including the management and provision of the staff to operate the facilities in which these events take place

8291: Activities of collection agencies and credit bureaus

8291.01 - Collection of payments for claims and remittance of payments collected to the clients, such as bill or debt collection services

8291.02 - Compiling of information, such as credit and employment histories on individuals and credit histories on businesses and providing the information to financial institutions, retailers and others who have a need to evaluate the creditworthiness of these persons and businesses

8292: Packaging activities

8292.01 - Packaging activities on a fee or contract basis, whether or not these involve an automated process:
• Bottling of liquids, including beverages and food
• Packaging of solids (blister packaging, foil-covered etc.)
• Security packaging of pharmaceutical preparations
• Labeling, stamping and imprinting
• Parcel-packing and gift-wrapping

8299: Other business support service activities n.e.c.

8299.01 - Providing verbatim reporting and stenotype recording of live legal proceedings and transcribing subsequent recorded materials, such as:
• Court reporting or stenotype recording services
• Public stenography services

8299.02 - Real-time (i.e. simultaneous) closed captioning of live television performances of meetings, conferences

8299.03 - Address bar coding services

8299.04 - Bar code imprinting services

8299.05 - Fundraising organization services on a contract or fee basis

8299.06 - Mail presorting services

8299.07 - Repossession services

8299.08 - Parking meter coin collection services

8299.09 - Activities of independent auctioneers

8299.10 - Administration of loyalty programmes

8299.11 - Other support activities typically provided to businesses not elsewhere classified


8541: Sports and recreation education

8541.01 - Sports instruction (baseball, basketball, cricket, football, etc)

8541.02 - Camps, sports instruction

8541.03 - Cheerleading instruction

8541.04 - Gymnastics instruction

8541.05 - Riding instruction, academies or schools

8541.06 - Swimming instruction

8541.07 - Professional sports instructors, teachers, coaches

8541.08 - Martial arts instruction

8541.09 - Card game instruction (such as bridge)

8541.10 - Yoga instruction

8542: Cultural education

8542.01 - Piano teachers and other music instruction

8542.02 - Art instruction

8542.03 - Dance instruction and dance studios

8542.04 - Drama schools (except academic)

8542.05 - Fine arts schools (except academic)

8542.06 - Performing arts schools (except academic)

8542.07 - Photography schools (except commercial)

8549: Other education n.e.c.

8549.01 - Education that is not definable by level

8549.02 - Academic tutoring services

8549.03 - College board preparation

8549.04 - Learning centres offering remedial courses

8549.05 - Professional examination review courses

8549.06 - Language instruction and conversational skills instruction

8549.07 - Speed reading instruction

8549.11 - Lifeguard training

8549.12 - Survival training

8549.13 - Public speaking training

8549.14 - Computer training

8550: Educational support activities

8550.01 - Provision of non-instructional services that support educational processes or systems:
• Educational consulting
• Educational guidance counseling services
• Educational testing evaluation services
• Educational testing services
• Organization of student exchange programs

8550.11 - Training consultancy

8550.12 - Education consultancy

8550.13 - Hospitality and tourism training services

Arts, entertainment and recreation

Class 9311: Managing operations of sports facilities

9311.01 - Managing Operations of facilities for indoor or outdoor sports events (open, closed or covered, with or without spectator seating):
• Supervision of Racetracks for auto
• Supervision of Football, hockey, cricket, baseball, jai-alai stadiums
• Supervision of Swimming pools and stadiums
• Supervision of Track and field stadiums
• Supervision of Winter sports arenas and stadiums
• Supervision of Ice-hockey arenas
• Supervision of Boxing arenas
• Supervision of Golf courses
• Supervision of Bowling lanes
• Supervision of Fitness centers

9311.02 - Managing organization and operation of outdoor or indoor sports events for professionals or amateurs by organizations with own facilities this class includes managing and providing the staff to operate these facilities.

9312: Activities of sports clubs

9312.01 - Managing operations of sports clubs:
• Supervision of Football clubs
• Supervision of Bowling clubs
• Supervision of Swimming clubs
• Supervision of Golf clubs
• Supervision of Boxing clubs
• Supervision of Body-building clubs
• Supervision of Winter sports clubs
• Supervision of Chess clubs
• Supervision of Track and field clubs
• Supervision of Shooting clubs, etc.

9319: Other sports activities

9319.01 - Activities of producers or promoters of sports events, with or without facilities

9319.02 - Activities of individual own-account sportsmen and athletes, referees, judges, timekeepers etc.

9319.03 - Activities of sports leagues and regulating bodies

9319.04 - Activities related to promotion of sporting events

9319.05 - Activities of racing garages

9319.06 - Operation of sport fishing and hunting preserves

9319.07 - Activities of mountain guides

9319.08 - Support activities for sport or recreational hunting and fishing

9319.12 - Sports consultancy

Other service activities

9411: Activities of business and employers membership organizations

9411.01 - Activities of organizations whose members’ interests centre on the development and prosperity of enterprises in a particular line of business or trade, including farming, or on the economic growth and climate of a particular geographical area without regard for the line of business.

9412: Activities of professional membership organizations

9412.01 - Activities of organizations whose members’ interests centre chiefly on a particular scientific discipline, professional practice or technical field, such as medical associations, legal associations, accounting associations, engineering associations, architects associations etc.

9412.02 - Activities of associations of specialists engaged in cultural activities, such as associations of writers, painters, performers of various kinds, journalists etc.

9412.04 - Activities of learned societies

9499: Activities of other membership organizations n.e.c.

9499.03 - Automobile associations

9499.05 - Associations of youth, young persons’ associations, student associations and fraternities etc.

9499.06 - Associations for the pursuit of a cultural or recreational activity or hobby (other than sports or games), e.g. poetry, literature and book clubs, historical clubs, gardening clubs, film and photo clubs, music and art clubs, craft and collectors’ clubs, social clubs, carnival clubs etc.

9499.07 - Grant giving activities by membership organizations or others

9511: Repair of computers and peripheral equipment

9511.01 - Repair and maintenance of:
• Desktop computers
• Laptop computers
• Magnetic disk drives, flash drives and other storage devices
• Optical disk drives (CD-RW, CD-ROM, DVD-ROM, DVD-RW)
• Printers
• Monitors
• Keyboards
• Mice, joysticks and trackball accessories
• Internal and external computer modems
• Dedicated computer terminals
• Computer servers
• Scanners, including bar code scanners
• Smart card readers
• Virtual reality helmets
• Computer projectors

9511.02 - Repair and maintenance of:
• Computer terminals like automatic teller machines (atm’s); point-of-sale (pos) terminals, not mechanically operated
• Hand-held computers (pda’s)

9512: Repair of communication equipment

9512.01 - Repair and maintenance of communications equipment such as:
• Cordless telephones
• Cellular phones
• Carrier equipment modems
• Fax machines
• Communications transmission equipment (e.g. routers, bridges, modems)
• Two-way radios
• Commercial tv and video cameras

9521: Repair of consumer electronics

9521.01 - Repair and maintenance of consumer electronics:
• Television, radio receivers
• Video cassette recorders (VCR)
• CD players
• Household-type video cameras

9522: Repair of household appliances and home and garden equipment

9522.01 - Repair and servicing of household appliances
• Refrigerators, stoves, washing machines, clothes dryers, room air conditioners, etc.

9522.02 - Repair and servicing of home and garden equipment
• Lawnmowers, edgers, snow- and leaf- blowers, trimmers, etc.

9523: Repair of footwear and leather goods

9523.01 - Repair and maintenance of footwear:
• Shoes, boots etc.

9523.02 - Fitting of heels

9523.03 - Repair and maintenance of leather goods:
• Luggage and the like

9524: Repair of furniture and home furnishings

9524.01 - Reupholstering, refinishing, repairing and restoring of furniture and home furnishings including office furniture

9524.02 - Assembly of self-standing furniture

9529: Repair of other personal and household goods

9529.01 - Repair of bicycles

9529.02 - Repair and alteration of clothing

9529.03 - Repair and alteration of jewellery

9529.04 - Repair of watches, clocks and their parts such as watchcases and housings of all materials; movements, chronometers, etc.

9529.05 - Repair of sporting goods (except sporting guns)

9529.06 - Repair of books

9529.07 - Repair of musical instruments

9529.08 - Repair of toys and similar articles

9529.09 - Repair of other personal and household goods

9529.10 - Piano-tuning

9601: Washing and (dry-) cleaning of textile and fur products

9601.01 - Laundering and dry-cleaning, pressing etc., of all kinds of clothing (including fur) and textiles, provided by mechanical equipment, by hand or by self-service coin-operated machines, whether for the general public or for industrial or commercial clients

9601.02 - Laundry collection and delivery

9601.03 - Carpet and rug shampooing and drapery and curtain cleaning, whether on clients’ premises or not

9601.04 - Provision of linens, work uniforms and related items by laundries

9601.05 - Diaper supply services

9601.06 - Repair and minor alteration of garments or other textile articles when done in connection with cleaning

9602: Hairdressing and other beauty treatment

9602.01 - Hair washing, trimming and cutting, setting, dyeing, tinting, waving, straightening and similar activities for men and women

9602.02 - Shaving and beard trimming

9602.03 - Facial massage, manicure and pedicure, make-up etc.

9609: Other personal service activities n.e.c.

9609.01 - Activities of turkish baths, sauna and steam baths, solariums, reducing and slandering salons, massage salons etc.

9609.02 - Pet care services such as boarding, grooming, sitting and training pets

9609.03 - Genealogical organizations

9609.04 - Porters, valet car parkers etc.

9609.05 - Concession operation of coin-operated personal service machines (photo booths, weighing machines, machines for checking blood pressure, coin-operated lockers etc.)

9609.11 - Lifestyle consultancy

9609.12 - Fashion design consultancy

9609.13 - Lifestyle development consultancy


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MEDIA Production

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MEDIA Production

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MEDIA Production

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