Group Name : Repair of fabricated metal products, machinery and equipment
Group Number : 331

This group includes the specialized repair of goods produced in the manufacturing sector with the aim to restore these metal products, machinery, equipment and other products to working order. The provision of general or routine maintenance (i.e. servicing) on such products to ensure they work efficiently and to prevent breakdown and unnecessary repairs is included.

This group excludes:

  • Rebuilding or remanufacturing of machinery and equipment, see corresponding class in divisions 25-31
  • Cleaning of industrial machinery, see 8129
  • Repair and maintenance of computers and communications equipment, see group 951
  • Repair and maintenance of household goods, see group 952
Available Business Activities :
Class Name : Repair of electrical equipment
Class Number : 3314
This Class Includes :
3314.01 — repair and maintenance of power, distribution, and specialty transformers
3314.02 — repair and maintenance of electric motors, generators, and motor generator sets
3314.03 — repair and maintenance of switchgear and switchboard apparatus
3314.04 — repair and maintenance of relays and industrial controls
3314.05 — repair and maintenance of primary and storage batteries

— repair and maintenance of electric lighting equipment
3314.07 — repair and maintenance of current-carrying wiring devices and non current-carrying wiring devices for wiring electrical circuits
Class Name : Repair of electronic and optical equipment
Class Number : 3313
This Class Includes :
3313.01 — repair and maintenance of the measuring, testing, navigating and control equipment such as:
• aircraft engine instruments
• automotive emissions testing equipment
• meteorological instruments
• physical, electrical and chemical properties testing and inspection equipment
• surveying instruments
• radiation detection and monitoring instruments
3313.02 —repair and maintenance of irradiation, electromedical and electrotherapeutic equipment such as:
• magnetic resonance imaging equipment
• medical ultrasound equipment
• pacemakers
• hearing aids
• electrocardiographs
• electromedical endoscopic equipment
• irradiation apparatus
3313.03 —repair and maintenance of optical instruments and equipment, if the use is mainly commercial, such as:
• binoculars
• microscopes (except electron and proton microscopes)
• telescopes
• prisms and lenses (except ophthalmic)
• photographic equipment
Class Name : Repair of fabricated metal products
Class Number : 3311
This Class Includes :
3311.01 — repair of metal tanks, reservoirs and containers
3311.02 — repair and maintenance for pipes and pipelines
3311.03 — mobile welding repair
3311.04 — repair of steel shipping drums
3311.05 — repair and maintenance of steam or other vapour generators
3311.06 — repair and maintenance of auxiliary plant for use with steam generators:
• condensers, economizers, superheaters, steam collectors and accumulators
3311.07 — repair and maintenance of parts for marine or power boilers
3311.08 — platework repair of central heating boilers and radiators
Class Name : Repair of machinery
Class Number : 3312
This Class Includes :
3312.01 repair and maintenance of industrial machinery and equipment like sharpening or installing commercial and industrial machinery blades and saws; the provision of welding (e.g. automotive, general) repair services; the repair of agricultural and other heavy and industrial machinery and equipment (e.g. forklifts and other materials handling equipment, machine tools, commercial refrigeration equipment, construction equipment and mining machinery)
3312.02 — repair and maintenance of non-automotive engines, e.g. ship or rail engines
3312.03 — repair and maintenance of pumps and related equipment
3312.04 — repair and maintenance of fluid power equipment
3312.05 — repair of valves
3312.06 — repair of gearing and driving elements
3312.07 — repair and maintenance of industrial process furnaces
3312.08 — repair and maintenance of materials handling equipment
3312.09 — repair and maintenance of commercial refrigeration equipment and air purifying
3312.10 — repair and maintenance of commercial-type general-purpose machinery
3312.11 — repair of other power-driven hand-tools
3312.12 — repair and maintenance of metal cutting and metal forming machine tools and accessories
3312.13 — repair and maintenance of other machine tools
3312.14 — repair and maintenance of agricultural tractors
3312.15 — repair and maintenance of agricultural machinery and forestry and logging machinery
3312.16 — repair and maintenance of metallurgy machinery
3312.17 — repair and maintenance of mining, construction, and oil and gas field machinery
3312.18 — repair and maintenance of food, beverage, and tobacco processing machinery
3312.19 — repair and maintenance of textile apparel, and leather production machinery
3312.20 — repair and maintenance of papermaking machinery
3312.21 — repair and maintenance of other special-purpose machinery
3312.22 — repair and maintenance of weighing equipment
3312.23 — repair and maintenance of vending machines
3312.24 — repair and maintenance of cash registers
3312.25 — repair and maintenance of photocopy machines
3312.26 — repair of calculators, electronic or not
3312.27 — repair of typewriters
Class Name : Repair of transport equipment, except motor vehicles
Class Number : 3315
This Class Includes :
3315.01 — repair and routine maintenance of ships
3315.02 — repair and maintenance of pleasure boats
3315.03 — repair and maintenance of locomotives and railroad cars (except factory rebuilding or factory conversion)
3315.04 — repair and maintenance of aircraft (except factory conversion, factory overhaul, factory rebuilding)
3315.05 — repair and maintenance of aircraft engines
3315.06 — repair of animal drawn buggies and wagons
Class Name : Repair of other equipment
Class Number : 3319
This Class Includes :
3319.01 — repair of fishing nets, including mending
3319.02 — repair or ropes, riggings, canvas and tarps
3319.03 — repair of fertilizer and chemical storage bags
3319.04 —repair or reconditioning of wooden pallets, shipping drums or barrels, and similar items
3319.05 — repair of pinball machines and other coin-operated games
3319.06 — restoring of organs and other historical musical instruments
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