Group Name : Electrical, plumbing and other construction installation activities
Group Number : 432

This group includes installation activities that support the functioning of a building as such, including installation of electrical systems, plumbing (water, gas and sewage systems), heat and air-conditioning systems, elevators etc.

Available Business Activities :
Class Name : Electrical installation
Class Number : 4321
This Class Includes :
4321.01 —installation of:
• electrical wiring and fittings
• telecommunications wiring
• computer network and cable television wiring, including fibre optic
• satellite dishes
• lighting systems
• fire alarms
• burglar alarm systems
• street lighting and electrical signals
• airport runway lighting
4321.02 —connecting of electric appliances and household equipment, including baseboard heating
Class Name : Other construction installation
Class Number : 4329
This Class Includes :
4329.01 —installation in buildings or other construction projects of:
• elevators, escalators
• automated and revolving doors
• lightning conductors
• vacuum cleaning systems
• thermal, sound or vibration insulation
Class Name : Plumbing, heat and air-conditioning installation
Class Number : 4322
This Class Includes :
4322.01 —installation in buildings or other construction projects of:
• heating systems (electric, gas and oil)
• furnaces, cooling towers
• non-electric solar energy collectors
• plumbing and sanitary equipment
• ventilation, refrigeration or air-conditioning equipment and ducts
• gas fittings
• steam piping
• fire sprinkler systems
• lawn sprinkler systems
4322.02 —duct work installation
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