Group Name : Wholesale of machinery, equipment and supplies

Group Number : 465

This group includes the wholesale of computers, telecommunications equipment, specialized machinery for all kinds of industries and general-purpose machinery.

Available Business Activities :

Class Name : Wholesale of computers, computer peripheral equipment and software
Class Number : 4651
This Class Includes :
4651.01 —wholesale of computers and computer peripheral equipment
4651.02 —wholesale of software
Class Name : Wholesale of electronic and telecommunications equipment and parts
Class Number : 4652
This Class Includes :
4652.01 —wholesale of electronic valves and tubes
4652.02 —wholesale of semiconductor devices
4652.03 —wholesale of microchips and integrated circuits
4652.04 —wholesale of printed circuits
4652.05 —wholesale of blank audio and video tapes and diskettes, magnetic and optical disks (CDs, DVDs)
4652.06 —wholesale of telephone and communications equipment
Class Name : Wholesale of agricultural machinery, equipment and supplies
Class Number : 4653
This Class Includes :
4653.01 —wholesale of agricultural machinery and equipment:
• ploughs, manure spreaders, seeders
• harvesters
• threshers
• milking machines
• poultry-keeping machines, bee-keeping machines
• tractors used in agriculture and forestry
4653.02 —lawn mowers however operated
Class Name : Wholesale of other machinery and equipment
Class Number : 4659
This Class Includes :
4659.01 —wholesale of office machinery and equipment, except computers and computer
peripheral equipment
4659.02 —wholesale of office furniture
4659.03 —wholesale of transport equipment except motor vehicles, motorcycles and bicycles
4659.04 —wholesale of production-line robots
4659.05 —wholesale of wires and switches and other installation equipment for industrial use
4659.06 —wholesale of other electrical material such as electrical motors, transformers
4659.07 —wholesale of machine tools of any type and for any material
4659.08 —wholesale of other machinery n.e.c. for use in industry, trade and navigation and other services
4659.09 —wholesale of computer-controlled machine tools
4659.10 —wholesale of computer-controlled machinery for the textile industry and of computer controlled sewing and knitting machines
4659.11 —wholesale of measuring instruments and equipment
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