Group Name : Retail sale of other goods in specialized stores

Group Number : 477

This group includes the sale in specialized stores carrying a particular line of products not included in other parts of the classification, such as clothing, footwear and leather articles, pharmaceutical and medical goods, watches, souvenirs, cleaning materials, weapons, flowers and pets and others. Also included is the retail sale of used goods in specialized stores.

Available Business Activities :

Class Name : Retail sale of clothing, footwear and leather articles in specialized stores
Class Number : 4771
This Class Includes :
4771.01 —retail sale of articles of clothing
4771.02 —retail sale of articles of fur
4771.03 —retail sale of clothing accessories such as gloves, ties, braces etc.
4771.04 —retail sale of umbrellas
4771.05 —retail sale of footwear
4771.06 —retail sale of leather goods
4771.07 —retail sale of travel accessories of leather and leather substitutes
Class Name : Retail sale of pharmaceutical and medical goods, cosmetic and toilet articles in
Class Number : 4772
This Class Includes :
4772.01 —retail sale of pharmaceuticals
4772.02 —retail sale of medical and orthopedic goods
4772.03 —retail sale of perfumery and cosmetic articles
Class Name : Other retail sale of new goods in specialized stores
Class Number : 4773
This Class Includes :
4773.01 —retail sale of photographic, optical and precision equipment
4773.02 —activities of opticians
4773.03 —retail sale of watches, clocks and jewellery
4773.04 —retail sale of flowers, plants, seeds, fertilizers and pet food
4773.05 —retail sale of souvenirs and craftwork
4773.06 —activities of commercial art galleries
4773.08 —retail sale of cleaning materials
4773.09 —retail sale of stamps and coins
4773.10 —retail sale of non-food products n.e.c.
Class Name : Retail sale of second-hand goods
Class Number : 4774
This Class Includes :
4774.01 —retail sale of second-hand books
4774.02 —retail sale of other second-hand goods
4774.03 —retail sale of antiques
4774.04 —activities of auctioning houses (retail)
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