Group Name : Publishing of books, periodicals and other publishing activities

Group Number : 581

This group includes activities of publishing books, newspapers, magazines and other periodicals, directories and mailing lists, and other works such as photos, engravings, postcards, timetables, forms, posters and reproductions of works of art. These works are characterized by the intellectual creativity required in their development and are usually protected by copyright.

Available Business Activities :

Class Name : Book publishing
Class Number : 5811
This Class Includes :
5811.01 — publishing of books, brochures, leaflets and similar publications, including publishing of dictionaries and encyclopedias
5811.02 — publishing of atlases, maps and charts
5811.03 — publishing of audio books
5811.04 — publishing of encyclopedias etc. on CD-ROM
5811.11 — E-books publishing
Class Name : Publishing of directories and mailing lists
Class Number : 5812
This Class Includes :
5812.01 — publishing of mailing lists
5812.02 — publishing of telephone books
5812.03 — publishing of other directories and compilations, such as case law, pharmaceutical compendia etc.
Class Name : Publishing of newspapers, journals and periodicals
Class Number : 5813
This Class Includes :
5813.01 — publishing of newspapers, including advertising newspapers
5813.02 — publishing of periodicals and other journals, including publishing of radio and television schedules Publishing can be done in print or electronic form, including on the Internet.
Class Name : Audio Recordings Publication
Class Number : 5815
Class Name : Other publishing activities
Class Number : 5819
This Class Includes :
5819.01 —publishing (including on-line) of:
• catalogs
• photos, engravings and postcards
• greeting cards
• forms
• posters, reproduction of works of art
• advertising material
• other printed matter
5819.02 —on-line publishing of statistics or other information
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