Group Name : Motion picture, video and television programme activities

Group Number : 591

This group includes production of theatrical and non-theatrical motion pictures whether on film, videotape, DVD or other media, including digital distribution, for direct projection in theatres or for broadcasting on television; supporting activities such as film editing, cutting, dubbing etc.; distribution of motion pictures or other film productions (video tapes, DVDs, etc) to other industries; as well as their projection. Buying and selling of motion picture or any other film production distribution rights is also included.

Available Business Activities :

Class Name : Motion picture, video and television programme production activiti
Class Number : 5911
This Class Includes :
5911.01 — production of motion pictures, videos, television programmes or television commercials
5911.11 — Media support services
5911.12 — Radio & tv broadcast consultancy
5911.13 — Media content production
5911.14 — Multimedia development
Class Name : Motion picture, video and television programme post-production activities
Class Number : 5912
This Class Includes :
5912.01 —post-production activities such as:
• editing, titling, subtitling, credits
• closed captioning
• computer-produced graphics, animation and special effects
• film/tape transfers
5912.02 —activities of motion picture film laboratories and activities of special laboratories for
animated films:
• developing and processing motion picture film
• reproduction of motion picture film for theatrical distribution
5912.03 —activities of stock footage film libraries etc.
Class Name : Motion picture, video and television programme distribution activities
Class Number : 5913
This Class Includes :
5913.01 — distributing film, video tapes, DVDs and similar productions to motion picture theatres, television networks and stations and exhibitors
5913.02 — acquiring film, video tape and DVD distribution rights
5913.11 — Media archiving
Class Name : Motion picture projection activities
Class Number : 5914
This Class Includes :
5914.01 —motion picture or videotape projection in cinemas, in the open air or in other projection facilities
5914.02 —activities of cine-clubs
Class Name : Special effects and trick photography
Class Number : 5915
Class Name : Films Production
Class Number : 5916
Class Name : Films Production Supportive Services
Class Number : 5917
Class Name : Production of cartoons
Class Number : 5918
Class Name : Television Sketches and Effects Photography
Class Number : 5919
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