Group Name : Computer programming, consultancy and related activities

Group Number : 620

Available Business Activities :

Class Name : Computer programming activities
Class Number : 6201
This Class Includes :
6201.01 —designing the structure and content of, and/or writing the computer code necessary to create and implement:
• systems software (including updates and patches)
• software applications (including updates and patches)
• databases
• web pages
6201.02 —customizing of software, i.e. modifying and configuring an existing application so that it is functional within the clients’ information system environment
Class Name : Computer consultancy and computer facilities management activities
Class Number : 6202
This Class Includes :
6202.01 —planning and designing of computer systems that integrate computer hardware, software and communication technologies.
6202.02 —provision of on-site management and operation of clients’ computer systems and/or data processing facilities, as well as related support services
6202.11 — Digital content services
6202.12 — Concept & design consultancy
Class Name : Other information technology and computer service activities
Class Number : 6209
This Class Includes :
6209.01 —computer disaster recovery
6209.02 —installation (setting-up) of personal computers
6209.03 —software installation
6209.11 — IT security management
6209.12 — Cyber Security Consultancy
6209.13 — Security Systems Consultancy
6209.14 — Cyber Risk Management Services
6209.15 — Innovation and Artificial Intelligence Research and Consultancies
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