Group Name : Renting and leasing of other machinery, equipment and tangible goods

Group Number : 773

Available Business Activities :

Class Name : Renting and leasing of other machinery, equipment and tangible goods
Class Number : 7730
This Class Includes :
7730.01 —renting and operational leasing, without operator, of other machinery and equipment that are generally used as capital goods by industries:
• engines and turbines
• machine tools
• mining and oilfield equipment
• professional radio, television and communication equipment
• motion picture production equipment
• measuring and controlling equipment
• other scientific, commercial and industrial machinery
7730.02 —renting and operational leasing of land-transport equipment (other than motor vehicles) without drivers:
• motorcycles, caravans and campers etc.
• railroad vehicles
7730.03 —renting and operational leasing of water-transport equipment without operator:
• commercial boats and ships
7730.04 —renting and operational leasing of air transport equipment without operator:
• airplanes
• hot-air balloons
7730.05 —renting and operational leasing of agricultural and forestry machinery and equipment without operator:
• renting of products produced by class 2821, such as agricultural tractors etc.
7730.06 —renting and operational leasing of construction and civil-engineering machinery and equipment without operator:
• crane lorries
• scaffolds and work platforms, without erection and dismantling
7730.07 —renting and operational leasing of office machinery and equipment without operator:
• computers and computer peripheral equipment
• duplicating machines, typewriters and word-processing machines
• accounting machinery and equipment: cash registers, electronic calculators etc.
• office furniture
7730.08 —renting of accommodation or office containers
7730.09 —renting of containers
7730.10 —renting of pallets
7730.11 —renting of animals (e.g. herds, race horses)
7730.21 — Media equipment rental
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