Group Name : Cleaning activities

Group Number : 812

This group includes the activities of general interior cleaning of all types of buildings, exterior cleaning of buildings, specialized cleaning activities for buildings or other specialized cleaning activities, cleaning of industrial machinery, cleaning of the inside of road and sea tankers, disinfecting and extermination activities for buildings and industrial machinery, bottle cleaning, street sweeping, snow and ice removal.

This group excludes:

  • Agricultural pest control, see 0161
  • Cleaning of new buildings immediately after construction, 4330
  • Steam-cleaning, sand blasting and similar activities for building exteriors, see 4390 — carpet and rug shampooing, drapery and curtain cleaning, see 9601

Available Business Activities :

Class Name : General cleaning of buildings
Class Number : 8121
This Class Includes :
8121.01 —general (non-specialized) cleaning of all types of buildings, such as:
• offices
• houses or apartments
• factories
• shops
• institutions
8121.02 —general (non-specialized) cleaning of other business and professional premises and multiunit residential buildings These activities cover mostly interior cleaning although they may include the cleaning of associated exterior areas such as windows or passageways.
Class Name : Other building and industrial cleaning activities
Class Number : 8129
This Class Includes :
8129.01 —exterior cleaning of buildings of all types, including offices, factories, shops, institutions and other business and professional premises and multiunit residential buildings
8129.02 —specialized cleaning activities for buildings such as window cleaning, chimney cleaning and cleaning of fireplaces, stoves, furnaces, incinerators, boilers, ventilation ducts and exhaust units
8129.03 —swimming pool cleaning and maintenance services
8129.04 —cleaning of industrial machinery
8129.05 —bottle cleaning
8129.06 —cleaning of trains, buses, planes, etc.
8129.07 —cleaning of the inside of road and sea tankers
8129.08 —disinfecting and exterminating activities
8129.09 —street sweeping and snow and ice removal
8129.10 —other building and industrial cleaning activities, n.e.c.
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