Group Name : Creative, arts and entertainment activities
Group Number : 900
Available Business Activities :
Class Name : Creative, arts and entertainment activities
Class Number : 9000
This Class Includes :
9000.01 —production of live theatrical presentations, concerts and opera or dance productions
and other stage productions:
• activities of groups, circuses or companies, orchestras or bands
• activities of individual artists such as authors, actors, directors, musicians, lecturers or speakers, stage-set designers and builders etc.
9000.02 —operation of concert and theatre halls and other arts facilities
9000.03 —activities of sculptors, painters, cartoonists, engravers, etchers etc.
9000.04 —activities of individual writers, for all subjects including fictional writing, technical writing etc.
9000.05 —activities of independent journalists
9000.06 —restoring of works of art such as paintings etc.
9000.07 —activities of producers or entrepreneurs of arts live events, with or without facilities
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