Group Name : Activities of business, employers and professional membership organizations

Group Number : 941

This group includes the activities of units that promote the interests of the members of business and employers organizations. In the case of professional membership organizations, it also includes the activities of promoting the professional interests of members of the profession.

Available Business Activities :

Class Name : Activities of business and employers membership organizations
Class Number : 9411
This Class Includes :
9411.01 —activities of organizations whose members’ interests centre on the development and prosperity of enterprises in a particular line of business or trade, including farming, or on the economic growth and climate of a particular geographical area without regard for the line of business.
9411.02 —activities of federations of such associations
9411.03 —activities of chambers of commerce, guilds and similar organizations
9411.04 —dissemination of information, representation before government agencies, public relations and labour negotiations of business and employer organizations
Class Name : Activities of professional membership organizations
Class Number : 9412
This Class Includes :
9412.01 —activities of organizations whose members’ interests centre chiefly on a particular scientific discipline, professional practice or technical field, such as medical associations, legal associations, accounting associations, engineering associations, architects associations etc.
9412.02 —activities of associations of specialists engaged in cultural activities, such as associations of writers, painters, performers of various kinds, journalists etc.
9412.03 —dissemination of information, the establishment and supervision of standards of practice, representation before government agencies and public relations of professional organizations
9412.04 —activities of learned societies
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