Cost-Effective Free Zone in Sharjah to Setup Business

Sharjah Media City (Shams) is the one-stop solution for any entrepreneur who is looking to set up a business in a cost-effective free zone in Sharjah. To put in another way, Shams has experts to set up a business for individuals in a cost-effective free zone. Fortunately, the business will be provided with greater support from the Sharjah government also.

Business opportunities in Sharjah

Sharjah has ample business opportunities because its history and culture are most appealing to the entrepreneur. Unlike other industrial places, there are no complexities involved while setting up the business in a cost-effective free zone. Provided that, Shams is a low-cost free zone that has been fully transparent in setting up a business in Sharjah. This would provide a lot of business opportunities for people who are willing to set up a business in Sharjah easily.

Governmental support for free zone

The local government of Sharjah is offering incentives to startup a hassle-free business set up from scratch. However, the country has become one of the most promising hubs for all the low-cost free zones with numerous possibilities to increase the success of every business enthusiast. Another key thing to remember, the UAE government has allowed the free zone to set up a new business to increase foreign investment in the country. This will also promote the economic welfare of the country on the whole.

Business License for Free Zone

Every business magnate needs to be aware of the rules and regulations that are expected to be followed while registering any business in free zones of Sharjah. However, appropriate decisions are to be made on the type of business as there are business licenses provided based on the requirement.

Shams is a low-cost free zone and it acts as the most desirable choice for the entrepreneurs as there is an easy license registration process. There are three types of business licenses that are being provided to the business individuals and they are as follows.

  • Trading License: The trading license is provided to the business that involves industrial and manufacturing activities.
  • Service License: A firm set up as a consultancy, auditing, law firms, and other accounting companies will be provided with a service license.
  • Industrial License: In case of starting a business to manufacture, import or export the finished products then the business person will be availed with an industrial license. 

Benefits of establishing in Shams free zone

  • Low-cost business license in Sharjah.
  • Top-notch free zone solutions.
  • Cost-effective business operating costs.
  • Dedicated infrastructure support.
  • Customized packages for all kinds of business. 
  • Easy to work with experience for business enthusiasts.
  • Hassle-free company management and incorporation. 

All things considered, Shams has become the fastest growing free zones in UAE as it has created a professional environment for the business. It is one of the free zones that provide a low-cost business license to quickly set up the business for individuals while also providing a highly customized approach with cost-effective solutions.


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