Proven Ways and Strategies to Help Your Business Grow and Increase Sales

Small businesses focus on increasing their sales to generate more revenue and maintain a healthy cash flow. But with growing competition and rapidly evolving trends in the industry, it becomes challenging for businesses to keep sales steady. Besides competition, several other factors, such as seasonal changes and fluctuations in the economy, affect sales. Hence, business owners need to look for innovative ideas and ways to boost sales. This article shares some of the proven methods and strategies that help your business grow and increase sales and revenue.

Strategies for Existing Customers

1. Conduct Research on Customer Behavior:

  • To Enable Upgrades: You should conduct market research on how your current customers are using your products and services and whether they face any difficulty using or implementing other parts of your products or services. This research will enable you to upgrade your products or services or customize them as per your customer requirements.
  • To Cross-sell / Upsell: Research can help you identify opportunities to cross-sell or upsell your products and services to existing customers. You can cross-sell related products that complement or supplement the products they are already using. Showing your customers the benefits of complementary or supplementary products can help boost sales. You can also upsell a premium product or service to help your customers increase efficiency, reduce costs, or improve their brand value.

2. Get Customer Feedback:

  • To Improve Products, Services, and Customer Service: It is always a good idea to ask your customers for feedback on your products and services as well as your customer service. It helps you to identify areas where you might be lacking or where your customers have problems. Also, it helps to determine what makes your customers happy or unhappy about your customer service.
  • To Identify Untapped Opportunities: Customer feedback can help you identify opportunities you had not considered, which can convert into new sales. It can help you to broaden your offerings and strengthen the relationship with your customers.

3. Provide Personalised Training or Service:

  • When you provide customers with personalized training or service, they help demonstrate where you can add value. It ensures that the customers use the product or service properly and get maximum value out of it. This value addition helps to strengthen customer relationships and build customer loyalty, thereby increasing sales.

4. Provide Excellent Customer Service:

  • By adopting a customer-centric approach: Small businesses should focus on serving customers well. Consider customer needs and how you can make things better for them. Customers who receive good customer service will be more likely to purchase from you again, thereby increasing your sales.
  • Going the extra mile: Providing excellent customer service refers to going the extra mile for your customers to enhance their overall sales experience. Some examples of high-quality customer service include offering free consultations, user guides, dedicated staff to quickly respond to email inquiries, 24/7 customer support, and more.

5. Run Sales and Marketing Promotions:

  • Regular Promotions: Running monthly or quarterly sales and marketing promotions for your existing customers is a great way to reward them for their loyalty and patronage and make them feel privileged. These promotions help to increase your customer interactions and grow your sales.
  • Irregular Promotions: You can also run irregular promotions for existing customers, such as discounts or complimentary gifts on special occasions like birthdays and anniversaries, sneak peek of a new launch, free trials of new products and services, exclusive invitations to company events, and more.

6. Get Referrals:

  • Current customers can be encouraged to refer people they know, who could then become your potential customers. Referrals are one of the effective ways to grow your customer base and increase sales.

Strategies for Potential Customers/Prospects

1. Offer Packages, Deals, and Free Trials:

  • You can turn your prospects into customers by adopting the following:
  • Create packages by combing similar products or services
  • Create packages by combining different products or services based on a theme or related issue.
  • Create price deals for bundles of products or services, so they become more cost-effective than buying them individually.
  • Offer free trials and demonstrations of your product or service, so the prospects can experience them and make a faster buying decision.

2. Create Effective Marketing Content:

  • Do an audit of all your marketing content, materials, and website. Check if this content focuses on the benefits rather than the features of your product or service. By focusing on benefits in your marketing content, you show your customers what they will get out of your products or services and how they will improve their lives or businesses.

3. Do Something Different or Unique:

  • The idea is to do something different, unique, or more interesting so that your advertising message gets noticed in the crowd. Some of the unique ways can be:
    • Finding innovative ways to advertise your products and services
    • Organizing a press conference to launch a new product or service
    • Supporting a charitable cause out of your business scope.
    • Planning a free giveaway

4. Create and Optimize Your Social Media Profiles:

  • You should create and optimize your profiles on different social media platforms because that's where your existing and potential customers spend considerable time.
  • Make sure your profiles clearly state who you are, what you do, how to reach you, and to whom your products or services cater.
  • People hang out on different social media platforms for varied reasons, so you must optimize your profiles to fit those reasons.

5. Invest in Digital Marketing and Social Media Advertising:

  • Digital Marketing and Social Media Advertising: These are cost-effective forms of advertising and help you build brand loyalty, attract followers to your website, and create a customer community. Through targeted social media advertising, you can get your message in front of your prospects.
  • Call-To-Action (CTA): Optimize your digital marketing efforts by placing an appropriate Call-To-Action (CTA) on every page of your website. The CTA will help visitors take some action, such as contacting you for a product inquiry, downloading a catalog, requesting a demo, signing up for a free newsletter, and more. A compelling CTA can get you a lot of prospects and increase your sales.
  • Email marketing: This involves sending automated email messages, email newsletters, and other correspondence to your prospects. These emails help educate them about your products and services, notify them of new products, special offers and discounts, and other news about your company. Staying in touch with your prospects by email will help keep you on top of their minds when looking for a solution to their specific needs.



Typically, the sales team is the best resource for growing any business, expanding the customer base, and increasing sales. However, other ways and strategies can also help to increase sales. Use the mentioned proven strategies to grow your business and increase sales for your company.

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