Shams Podcasting: The Rise of Audio Content in the Media Industry

Podcasting has reshaped how audiences engage with information. It offers a convenient and immersive experience and provides a platform for diverse voices and niche discussions across various industries. This shift reflects a broader trend toward accessible and on-the-go content consumption, emphasising the power of storytelling and knowledge-sharing through sound.

Like the rest of the world, podcasting is on the rise in the UAE, with the medium garnering a lot of attention across various sectors and industries. According to research, one in every ten Arab youth listens to podcasts. This highlights that podcasts aren’t an emerging industry, but quickly becoming an established industry in the region.

The Rise of Podcasting:

Whether listeners are commuting, cooking, or just chilling — instead of staring at a screen, they are plugged into a podcast. It's easy, it's personal, and it has changed the way people connect with content. Podcasts have become the go-to for multitaskers, turning routine moments into chances for learning and entertainment.

And it’s not just confined to media moguls anymore. It's spreading its influence to all corners of business. Companies are using podcasts for internal communication, making work culture more vibrant. Thought leaders are seizing the opportunity to share insights with a global audience. From tech to healthcare, industries are finding new ways to speak up and engage with their audiences - both internal and external.

Voice for All:

Podcasting is leveling the playing field for voices that often go unnoticed. It's a tool for democratising storytelling. Sharjah Media City - a regional leader in media and creative fields - recognises this power and offers a cutting-edge facility where creators and entrepreneurs from all walks of life can tell their stories with clarity and creativity.

At Shams’ podcasting studio, brands and ideas get a chance to shine. As businesses and entrepreneurs ride the audio wave, Shams stands ready, providing the tools and space to amplify messages, build connections, and make a lasting impact. Offering a full suite of solutions from professional audio recording systems to mics, audio editing and mixing stations, dubbing capabilities, live streaming, recording, and more, Shams’ podcasting facility is designed to fulfil all podcasting requirements. Podcasts give a voice to everyone. And that's why our podcasting facility is more than just equipment; it's a launchpad for ideas.


Come join us at Shams, where podcasting isn't just a trend; it's a movement we're embracing. Here, every voice has the potential to spark something big, and every podcast is proof that great content knows no bounds.

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