Top quotes by GaryVee in SEF18

Gary Vaynerchuk, the serial entrepreneur whom you might recognize by the name Garyvee, is in town and every entrepreneur in the UAE is thrilled about it. Whether you’re a budding entrepreneur or a long-standing business owner, you must’ve leaned on Gary at some point throughout your journey.

Many entrepreneurs and startup owners headed to Sharjah to attend the Sharjah Entrepreneurship Festival in the hopes of seeing Gary’s session and maybe getting to meet him in person. Gary addressed the entrepreneurs and struggling startup owners in the UAE and Sharjah, granting them the needed support that they can pin their faith on and the necessary disillusionment that they need to wake up to in the world of entrepreneurship.

Here are our favorite quotes from Garyvee’s speech at the #SEF18:


  1. “The process of building a business IS your happiness."

  2. “When you chase money, you lose, always and forever, even when you win, you still lose.”

  3. “When you’re able to put two fingers in your ears and hear nothing; not the hate or the negativity, but equally not the admiration and the accolades, you’re playing within yourself.”

  4. “But I also do not want to be delusional to the reality of the situation. To build a meaningful company takes a very long time and is very difficult, and more importantly what has happened in the startup community is everybody now is pandering to venture capital or to raising capital, not to actually building a business.”

  5. “How much of the young talent here think they need to go to America or other places to achieve their goals when there is so much out here!”

  6. “When there is success, you get a disproportionate amount of the credit. The problem with entrepreneurship is that when it fails, you have nobody to blame.”

  7. “Venture capitalists are playing a very simple game; you have to understand what investment is about.”

  8. “Positivity is always a winner.”

  9. “Too many people underestimate what’s in front of them and overestimate what’s outside of them.”

  10. “Most of the unicorns are really just rhinoceros in disguise!”

  11. "Read consumers rather than thought leader's opinions on consumers"

  12. “I consume you; learn to read the consumers; invest in the people who invest In you“

  13. “Delusion is the greatest vulnerability of startups.”

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