Why Content Marketing is key to Consumer Engagement

The world today is filled with abundant information and various means to access it. At the click of a button or the swipe of a finger, data is prepared, accessed, shared, absorbed, and opinionated on and even deleted to be forgotten. Businesses and consumers are interspersed today. They are no longer two different entities. In this backdrop, it becomes ever so important to be on top of the game in the world of marketing. So, what is the name of this game? It is Consumer Engagement.

Barring the literal business meaning of the term engagement, it has a personal side to it. It is almost like dating, becoming engaged and marrying the consumer! This new relationship that is blossoming is what is helping businesses enjoy the benefits of a long-lasting marriage with its consumers.

In today’s times, the advent of simplified technology and greater access to it, has made Marketing a different ball game altogether. 

Consumer Engagement is happening 24/7, 365 days a year. It is a path, the brand or a business cannot sideline or retract from. It is taking place knowingly and unknowingly. Awareness is being created about the brand of a product in the mind of the consumer, subliminally. It is something like Inception! Getting into the mind of the consumer and planting an idea. And then further getting in and making the idea stronger; and further going a step deeper to confirm the idea and form impressions.

For the longest time, Brands and Businesses stuck to the Push and Pull strategy. Either something was pushed to the consumer or the consumer was attracted to a product. Today, it is not the case. Products and ideas cannot be pushed towards the all-knowing consumer; as he will perceive it to be too overwhelming. Consumers cannot be effectively pulled to show interest towards a brand; as he will see

it as a very desperate move. So, what is the solution?

It is to let the consumer be. To allow him to be himself, and not alter the consumer behaviour evidently and somehow ensure, over a period, without bothering him, that he develops an affinity towards your brand - willingly and fully convinced. But how do you do this? It almost sounds like, it needs magic to happen! And, you are right. It is indeed magic.

The magic of achieving this is through intense consumer engagement through various platforms like social media, videos, audio, blogging, writing, storytelling, photographs, infographics, and several other dynamics and interesting means. And, the lifeline that holds all these things together is Content.

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