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About Shams

As a world-class Free Zone hub for innovation, Shams sets the benchmark for service and support to those wishing to set-up and launch their business with specialized facilities for the creative and media industries.

Our mission is to make creative entrepreneurship accessible to all aspiring startups, SMEs and established companies striving to grow their business both locally and globally. Shams is a dynamic initiative that makes a strong connection with the talented individuals it attracts. As a creative forward thinking community, we will inspire and shape our world and celebrate our many successes; both individually and as a group.

Shams offers smart innovative services, coupled with a holistic community-centered approach. We place great value on localized content and actively encourage entrepreneurial talent from within this thriving community.

We are Shams – a Free Zone quintessentially community brand built from within.


About Sharjah

Sharjah means “rising sun” in Arabic. Its leadership is at the forefront of the UAE’s cultural, economic and social development. Sharjah plays a significant role in promoting cultural interaction and dialogue amongst nations.

The spirit of Sharjah’s history is kept alive by incorporating tradition into every aspect of contemporary development. Sharjah is the home of culture, education and modernity. Its world-class infrastructure, amenities and services make it a preferred destination for businesspeople, tourists and residents.

The collaborative efforts by the government and the private sector have played a significant role in making Sharjah a destination for entrepreneurial talent. We welcome you to Sharjah, your home.

Sharjah Media City (Shams)